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Destination Weddings in Mumbai

FNP weddings are the foremost wedding planners in Mumbai. The task of a wedding planner in Mumbai is very challenging and our best team has been deployed to execute these assignments. The ultimate ‘wow’ event is created by the wedding planners in Mumbai.

Although wedding planning is a creative and imaginative affair, it is not without its stresses and strains. In today’s world everyone wants the perfect wedding, but time and energy constraints stand in the way. This is where FNP Weddings steps in.

Wedding planning starts with venue selection. Exotic farmhouses, luxurious five star hotels, lofty forts and regal heritage palaces are the ideal back drop for a romantic wedding.

Occasions such as mehendi and Sangeet are professionally managed and delivered complete with disc jockeys and professional choreography. Marriage turns out to be the divine affair it is reputed to be.

Hospitality, trousseau management, vendor management, catering and entertainment are meticulously and creatively address. FNP Weddings marks a milestone in luxury weddings in Mumbai.

Innovatively designed personal cards and invitations set the mood for the wedding. They create a style statement for the events to follow. Catering encompasses a wide gamut of ideas from thematic dining concepts to international chefs and specialty regional dishes. This is FNP Weddings forte and has left many clients amazed and satiated.

The growing popularity of designer weddings has leant a cosmopolitan flavor to the wedding events. Occasions such as the Mehndi and Sangeet have been professionally managed and delivered complete with disc jockeys and professional choreography.

Hospitality services are available to handle large volumes of guests at the airport. Negotiating traffic in Mumbai can often be stressful and tiring. All this is taken care of by the FNP hospitality team.

FNP Weddings has a designated team of extremely talented and creative photographers that will transform your most cherished moments into lasting memories. Attractive trousseau packaging goes a long way to display these exclusive items that have been collected over the years. FNP Weddings lends its magical touch and transforms it into another worldly experience.

FNP Weddings also offer a wide range of vendor management services which ensures that all the events go of smoothly and seamlessly. This requires excellent people handling skills and accurate coordination.

FNP weddings are here to redefine the concept of the luxury wedding in Mumbai. It tosses up tradition with exoticism in a way that Mumbai will not forget for generations.

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