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Experience an exhilarating destination wedding experience in the famous and royal “Blue City”, Jodhpur destination wedding place, with FNP Weddings and its marvellous wedding planning services. This once in a lifetime experience is elevated by the city’s enduring allure and breath-taking architecture of wedding resorts in Jodhpur. One of the famous destination wedding locations due to its magnificent forts, intricate palaces and dynamic heritage, people seek for the best wedding hotels in Jodhpur and look for the most premium wedding event planners in Jodhpur. The ideal setting of an amazing weddings with elaborate mandaps and beautiful flower arrangements will be provided with endless effort from FNP Weddings, your one-stop solution for wedding preparations. Host your weddings in the most exquisite Jodhpur wedding venues and leave the rest to us.

Popular wedding venues in the mesmerizing blue city, Jodhpur


ITC Jodhpur is a sanctuary of luxury and opulence that creates the ideal setting for an unforgettable destination wedding. This luxurious hotel, which is tucked away in the majesty of Rajasthan, mixes contemporary conveniences with Jodhpur's illustrious past and vibrant present. As we plan a number of pre-wedding ceremonies and celebrations, let yourself be completely submerged in the rich culture and customs of Jodhpur. Each event will be a celebration of Rajasthan's rich history, from a lively Mehendi ceremony with elaborate henna patterns to a lively Sangeet night full of music and dancing.

Taj Hari Mahal

The Taj Hari Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated in the centre of Jodhpur. The Thar Desert and the Mehrangarh Fort surround the hotel, giving it a really stunning location for a wedding. The hotel was constructed using a traditional Rajput design that combines Mughal and European elements. There are several different event locations available at the hotel, such as a huge ballroom, a Mughal garden, and a rooftop terrace. This enables you to select the ideal location for your wedding regardless of your spending limit or personal preference.

umaid bhawan

: Umaid Bhawan, one of the most well-liked venues for destination weddings in Jodhpur, offers an extravagant and elegant ambience for your wedding. The Umaid Bhawan Palace's staff is experienced in handling wedding-related tasks and has years of expertise. They will work together with you to plan a memorable and stress-free wedding. You may experience a royal wedding in the old royal house of Umaid Bhawan Palace. The very finest in services and amenities will be provided to you and your visitors.



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    The royal and mesmerising “Blue City” in Rajasthan

    Jodhpur's mesmerising atmosphere and architecture are well-known for their breathtaking beauty. The city has a variety of historical sites, notably the Mehrangarh Fort, and is bordered by the Thar Desert. Because of this, Jodhpur is an incredibly lovely location for a destination wedding. FNP Weddings and its wonderful wedding planning services can help you have an unforgettable destination wedding experience in the renowned and regal "Blue City". The continuing charm of the city and the breathtaking architecture of Jodhpur wedding resorts strengthen this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. It is onne of the most well-known sites for destination weddings because of its beautiful forts, ornate castles, and vibrant past.

    FNP Weddings: end-to-end platform for the best wedding related servicesThe Mehrangarh Fort, Taj Hari Mahal, and Umaid Bhawan Palace are just a few of the excellent venues in Jodhpur that FNP Weddings can utilise. Each couple can choose from a variety of settings, from traditional to modern, at these locations. If you're searching for a wedding planner that can work with you to create the wedding of your dreams in Jodhpur, FNP Weddings is a fantastic option. We have the expertise, aptitude, and zeal to make your wedding day unquestionably unforgettable. We provide a group of knowledgeable wedding planners that will work with you to create a memorable and stress-free wedding. They will take care of every step, from choosing the best site to arranging vendor reservations.

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