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As weddings are one of the most celebrated events in India, plus it has plenty of traditions attached to it. That is why people love to go for traditional setups for the weddings. This usually includes traditional décor colors such as red, gold and orange. The elements of such wedding décor are usually inspired by Mughal Era or the past era of kings and queens. We love to curate such weddings and giving the best traditional feel to the weddings.

Traditional wedding has a timeless look. No wedding can compete with the feel of a traditional theme wedding. It imparts the full cultural aspect of the wedding through various rituals that are in practice since ages. The most elegant and classic way of marriage is the traditional style, which showcases the affinity for romance and intimacy.

Traditional theme wedding

Formal attire, distinguished and décor offers a sophisticated look to a traditional themed wedding occasion. A soothing palette of pink and grey adds a contemporary style to your Western traditional theme wedding. Sparkling jewelry and dramatic stationary patterns highlight your refined taste. To talk about an Indian traditional style, the entire thing is a very elaborate undertaking. With thousands of rituals and numerous functions, traditional Indian wedding impress every person all across the World. People from abroad feel privileged to become a witness of this extravagant occasion celebrated with great pomp and show.

Traditional Wedding Decor Ideas

For those who are the lovers of the countryside, a rustic wedding is a perfect way to show off your unique personality. From huge hay bales to classy horses, countryside traditional theme wedding idea never seems to fail. And the best and most popular traditional theme wedding idea of the East is like dressing up in a princess dress and the husband in a handsome tux. With all traditional rituals and wedding songs, another tried and tested idea which is evergreen and loved by all. The theme can deviate but for traditional touch churches or alternative places of worship, white wedding dress, top hat and tails, good old fashioned values and bride wedding march should never be replaced. Hire a traditional wedding planner to plan your wedding according to your wish and you can sit back and relax as the planner is going to take care of everything.

Nothing can beat Indian wedding decoration. From extravagant flower arrangements to lighting decoration all across the venue is what makes an Indian wedding different from others. If you want a contemporary theme wedding for your son and don’t have an idea about it, hire a wedding planner who professionally takes care of the entire wedding.


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