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FNP Weddings has planned, curated and executed thousands of weddings and events for more than 27 years. With the intention of bringing smiles to faces and fulfilling all the wedding dreams, we have worked meticulously and wholeheartedly to make your special day memorable. To leave an enduring mark of love on our clients’ hearts, we invent the state-of-the-art wedding ideas that will create a significant and unparalleled impact in the industry.

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As the event decorator, you’re responsible for the overall atmosphere of the event. Event decor is more than simple decoration.


How guests feel when they walk into the venue will affect their overall experience, and afterward, how fondly they remember it.


We offer design and decor services for every need. Our vast experience is key in helping us suggest different themes and designs which suit your tastes and personality.


Picture yourself on your wedding day; we give shape to that very vision on this beautiful occasion. We create a special environment that reflects what this celebration means to you.






We have an experienced team who can manage everything, starting from selecting the venue to curating essential for your destination wedding.


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Wedding planning in a multi-faceted process that involves a plethora of traditions, customers, planning, management and execution. It is our honour and pleasure to provide a platform where we offer end-to-end assistance in planning the wedding of your dream. FNP Weddings believes in fulfilling your dreams and wedding goals by professionally translating your virtual mood board into reality. As premier wedding planners, we strive to organize a wedding or event that reflects your likes and desires, while also allowing you to experience your emotions and energy linked to the special occasion.

Our priority simply lies in commitment, loyalty, hard-work and endless creativity that will not only satisfy your check-list but also offer you the most unique experience you have ever seen. By gauging your needs and requirements, we put together the most trained and professional team that will be there at your beck and call, executing your ideas with utmost dedication.

As an evolving journey and for the betterment of our management and planning skills, we research on a global level to spruce up your wedding ideas and ensure that we deliver quality-filled work. By reprimanding the commercial wedding planning trends, we heavily focus on outstanding work and cost-effective methods by keeping our clients’ best interests at heart.




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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How important is decor for a wedding?

    The decor greatly influences a wedding's mood, ambience, and overall aesthetic. It helps facilitate an aesthetically pleasing and coherent setting that enhances the experience for the couple and the guests as a whole. The design choices made by the guests of honour could indicate their true sense of style.

    What is the purpose of decorations?

    Decorations enhances the overall look and feel of the venue where the event is being held. It helps to set the tone for the desired environment and helps to portray the chosen theme of the event, making it a memorable experience. Even pictures and videos are more extravagant because of the decorative backdrops.

    What is the main goal of a wedding planner?

    The main goal of a wedding planner is to brainstorm, plan, coordinate and execute all the tasks involved in planning a wedding. It is an end-to-end job to assist the married couple in planning the wedding of their dreams and to ensure all their desires are met. By looking after the logistical aspect of the wedding, the planner helps the couple fully immerse in the wedding experience

    How long does it take to set up wedding decor?

    The complexity of the décor, the size of the venue, the number of decorations needed, and the presence of skilled staff to help with the setup may all affect how long it takes to set up wedding decorations. The intricacy of the décor also has a big impact on the overall time taken for the set-up.

    How do I choose a wedding decorator?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing a wedding decorator. Review their portfolio and the kind of work they have done before. Hire a decorator on the basis of your budget and your style. Additionally, fix up a consultation appointment to determine the communication style and flexibility, since this will give you an overview of how the coming months would look like.

    When should you plan wedding decor?

    Once you have decided upon the wedding venue and the exact locations for each event, you can start planning your wedding décor. The space of the venue, location, outdoor/indoor and several factors will determine the décor theme you want. The decision making process goes on till the last minute so the earlier you start, the less chaotic it becomes in the end.

    How much does wedding decor cost in India?

    The décor cost of any wedding varies widely on several factors such as the location, number of events and themes, number of guests, complexity of the décor and much more. Usually the decorators and planners have a professional fee, which should be added in the budget. It is recommended to get personalized quotes to get an idea of the budget you should set aside for décor.

    Why is good decor important?

    Good taste in décor is important because it is the main focal point of your event. The way you guests feel after attending your wedding heavily depends on the décor and the service. Sometimes low-quality décor can become hazardous as well. Hence, it is imperative to invest in good quality and appealing décor that will do justice to your dream wedding.

    Are wedding decorations expensive?

    Are wedding decorations expensive? Wedding décor can become expensive depending on the location and intricacy of the décor. If the space to be covered is massive and requires more decorative elements, then automatically the cost will go up as it requires more decorative items and labour to fix that up.

    Can FNP Weddings provide entertainment services for the wedding events?

    Yes, FNP Weddings offers entertainment services such as music, dance, and other performances for the wedding events. Our vendor management team can also help you sought famous artists for your weddings and other events.

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