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FNP Weddings and Events always strive to offer the best of its services as well as present a unique theme to the clients. The team at FNP starts designing from the scratch. The whole setup is first designed on 3D Software then it is fabricated in real at the venues. Therefore, each and every theme is unique in itself. The Designer Weddings done by FNP Weddings are way more special that leads to an amazing experience to the clients.


As weddings are one of the most celebrated events in India, plus it has plenty of traditions attached to it. That is why people love to go for traditional setups for the weddings. This usually includes traditional décor colors such as red, gold and orange. The elements of such wedding décor are usually inspired by Mughal Era or the past era of kings and queens. We love to curate such weddings and giving the best traditional feel to the weddings.


Concept weddings are basically referred to various themes designed for the weddings as well as the other prewedding functions. The basic idea is to offer unique concepts to the clients, so that their events look all surreal. The concepts are designed as per the taste of the clients as well as the trend of the season. Then they are brought into life with the help of stunning as well as extravagant elements.


We believe in making your D-Day, the most special day of your life. To bring in the best we offer various contemporary themes to match your taste. Our contemporary themes showcase an amalgamation of modern and vintage elements to bring out the best décor for your wedding functions.These themes are specially designed by our designers that give close attention to the details.

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We are proficient in organizing every kind of celebration with our exclusive services and we are always ready to add glitter to the big day.

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