Vendor Management

By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

We understand that your wedding is the most memorable event. To make sure that extra care & personal touch is there to make them feel special. Our vendor management services include:

  • Ensuring timely presence and qualitative delivery as
    committed by all service providers
  • Ensuring timely set-up of the venue (outside and inside)
  • Placement of thematic signages with kilometer detailing
  • Identifying drivers food area
  • Organising and briefing trained hosts / hostesses about
    their areas of operation i.e. Welcoming, Escorting, Service
    hospitality, Venue Layout, Emergency requirements
  • Ensuring proper grooming and crisp and clean thematic
    uniforms for the service and hospitality team
  • Buffet layout and set-up as per the theme and equipment decided
  • Coordinating and ensuring high standards of service of food and beverage
  • Facilitating the artistes / choreographers with their approved requirements of Sound and light
  • Providing technical inputs on sound acoustics and light design plan (if required) with the use of sound engineers and light jockeys
  • Ensuring smooth and safe flow of the event through timely feedback from area managers
  • For safety purpose the guest area movement can monitored through CCTV’s
  • Placing Fire Brigade and Ambulance to address any emergencies

In addition to the above mentioned onsite coordination we also help in sourcing all your vendors.

  • Special Fireworks at the time of Baraat, Jaimala, Reception or Doli.
  • Mehendi artists from Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata.
  • Arranging choodiwalas, tarot card reader, palmist etc for mehendi function
  • Shenai walas, palkis
  • Orchestrating special entry for bride & groom
  • Make up artist from Delhi or Mumbai
  • We create kid’s land to make your kid’s birthday special- by balloons, candy floss and many more.
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