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“FNP Weddings team left me speechless! Huge chandeliers and exotic flower arrangements were amazing. Thanks a ton for making our day so special.”

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Mr. Kapil

“FNP did excellent work of florals in our engagement. My relatives and friends were mesmerized seeing the flowerly decor.” 🙂

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Mr. Rajendra Gupta

“The decor at the ring ceremony function was so creative and outstanding. Big thanks to Mr. Vikaas and his team for doing such a wonderful job.”

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Ms. Shweta

“Its a little late to text you! But I really wanted to thank you for making the evening even more special.. We simply loved the decorations 🙂 it was exactly what we wanted 🙂 thank you so so much :)”

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Ms. Mahima

“As usual ferns and petals lived up to their standard, I like FNP team consistency and focus on quality and creativity in a very balanced way, they have proved their excellency again. I especially want to thank Ms.rajshree for making the event more memorable for us.”

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Mr. Jai Prakash Guar

“We were extremely delighted with the services offered by the FNP Weddings team. All the guests were spellbound seeing the fairytale like setup for the reception party. The memories of the fascinating décor at the function will always be cherished by my family and guests! ”

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Mr. Mohsin Kamil

“The décor at the venue was pretty and serene and the setup flawless. Thanks to Mr. Vikaas and his team for giving attention to the smallest of details in all my functions.”

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Benu Raheja

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  • Mr. Rajendra Gupta

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  • Mr. Mohsin Kamil

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  • Mr. Mohsin Kamil

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  • Benu Raheja

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