Tying the Knot in Style: Tips to Choose the Perfect Varmala or Jaimala for Your Wedding

Tying the Knot in Style: Tips to Choose the Perfect Varmala or Jaimala for Your Wedding

By Gurmeert Kaur | April 5, 2024

Tying the Knot in Style: Tips to Choose the Perfect Varmala or Jaimala for Your Wedding


One of the highlights of your D-day is the varmala ceremony as it is known as the commencement ceremony of your wedding journey. It is the moment where you promise your significant other to embark with you on the journey of eternal happiness. As we all know, this ceremony involves exchanging garlends that is known to be a very significant custom with a valuable meaning behind it. The idea behind exchanging jaimalas is the representation of a new adventure by expressing acceptance of one another and commiting to each other for life. With evolving wedding trends, we have found ways to make your jaimala and the entire ceremony full of aesthetics and joy. As we go further in this article, we will explore some ideas and tips that you can use to get your dream varmala garlands and embrace new styles.

1. Acknowledge the Symbolism

Acknowledge the symbolism

The varmala or jaimala ritual has a very significant value in the wedding as it symbolises the union of two people and their families. It represents the pledge to support and love each other unconditionally, as well as the acceptance of each other’s shortcomings and strengths. A spiritual rite, the exchange of garlands signifies the commencement of a new journey together as a couple, an adventure of companionship and relationship for the couple. Additionally, it represents the union of two families, expressing their approval and support of the union. It is surely a breathtaking moment to see the couple exchange varmalas while their families and friends celebrate their union.

2. Decide on your Wedding Theme

Decide on your wedding theme

You can enhance the overall aesthetic of your jaimala ceremony by opting for a varmala that complements your wedding theme, as well as your style. Classic flowers like roses, jasmine or marigolds are good choices for a varmala as they have cultural importance and are considered auspicious. You can also experiment with different varmala arrangements that can resonate with your wedding theme as many people opt for more modern designs such as beads or crystals. This way you can make a statement by going for something more unique and grab attention during your varmala ceremony. Being one of the most important moments of a wedding, it is crucial to choose varmala designs that you truly love.

3. Varmala and Outfit Colour Theme

Varmala and outfit colour theme

Your varmala’s colour and design can definitely accentuate your overall look and get-up. You can consider matching your varmala with your and your partner’s outfit while keeping it subtle. While selecting the flowers and/or pattern for your varmala, consider the colour, style and embellishments of your attire. For instance, to prevent clashing with your richly adorned clothing, you might opt to go for a basic yet attractive varmala. In the same vein, you might choose a more intricate varmala to add a dash of glitz to an otherwise simple ensemble. The sky is the limit when it comes to mixing and matching. Although, the most important thing is to make sure that you don’t end up splurging on your varmala.

4. Think about the Season

Think about the Season

Choosing in-season flowers guarantees that your varmala will appear colourful, fresh and easily accessible. Seasonal flowers take less energy and materials to bloom, hence they are frequently more economical and environmentally beneficial. Additionally, it is never a good idea to get expensive varmalas by spending money on imported flowers. Find out from your florist about the flowers that are in season during the month of your wedding and how to use them in your varmala. This not only guarantees the beauty of your garland but also lessens the carbon footprint of your wedding and promotes nearby farms.

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5. Customise your Varmala

Customise your Varmala

Customising your varmala by adding personal touches to it can add significant value to it and the varmala ceremony. Think about adding items that are special to you and your partner such as trinkets of your initials, favourite flowers or any item that signifies your relationship. Customising your varmala gives the ceremony a distinctive flair and creates a keepsake that you will treasure for years to come. Additionally, it lets you showcase your uniqueness and how dearly you put significance in every aspect of your wedding, making your varmala stand out from the rest. The best part about customization is that you can salvage your varmala and keep it as a memory from the wedding that will serve as a reminder of a beautiful wedding. 

6. Take the Size and Weight into Account

Take the Size and Weight into Account

Since you will be wearing your varmala for an extensive amount of the wedding, the size and weight of it are crucial factors to take into account. Ensure that the varmala you choose won’t distract you or make you uncomfortable throughout the ceremony. Hence, is it imperative to go for a varmala that is lightweight and easy to wear. With the help of your florist, choose a varmala that meets your comfort level by talking about the size and weight requirements. Think about the garland’s usefulness as well, make sure it’s light enough to manage and won’t get in the way of your motions during the ceremony.

7. By in Sync with your Partner

By in Sync with your Partner

Being in synchronization with your partner guarantees that your varmalas blend well together and give off a unified vibe. To get a balanced and harmonious look, think about selecting garlands with flowers that are comparable in terms of colour and design. You can be a little experimental by getting subtly matching varmalas but of different colours, making it a he and she varmala. Make sure your garlands complement each other’s look throughout the event by coordinating their size and style. During the varmala exchange, this coordination produces a visually beautiful moment and symbolises your togetherness as a couple.

As we explore the points mentioned above, there are various ways to jump on the new bangwagon of varmala trends. You can incorporate any idea to make your varmala hunting experience more fascinating and get yourself the varmala of your dreams!

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