Wedding tips to help you Stay Sane -


Wedding tips to help you Stay Sane

By Gurmeert Kaur | October 8, 2015

Wedding planning can scare the life out of you. Don’t let it though. There are many last minute issues that surface just as you are ready to step on the aisle. Even as you think you have it all planned out, there is that one bobby pin which will fall off, a call that you will miss making, a guest you forgot to invite or an appointment you missed coordinating for. And unfortunately, these are rules and regulations and necessities you can’t even complain to your wedding coordinator about. Here are some tricks that your wedding planner won’t tell you about, and these are things you are bound to miss.

Hire Photographers At A Fixed Cost

Contemporary Wedding Planner
You will find all kinds of photographers out there. Well, there are chances that the wedding planner will tell you to coordinate with someone who will work at a cheaper cost but what is it that you are looking for? There are many planners who will ask you to find someone who is a beginner or just entered the industry as they are more easy to work with and are good at their work. But find out enough about their work before hiring them.

Tip: Set a price. Do not work any other way with photographers. At max, ask them to give you an estimate. Ask them to have a look at the wedding venue in advance too.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Little Details

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This is something no one tells you or everyone says too much about. You do not have to worry about the little details of the wedding. Understand one thing, everything can’t be perfect, even if your wedding planner tells you so. Your wedding is not a project, it’s just an event full of emotions and fun, so sway with the flow. So what if one colour didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it, sit back and relax.

Tip: Do not ruin your mood over little things. Learn to let go. It’s okay if a few things at the wedding venue did not go as planned.

Read Contracts Carefully

Wedding Venue
Of course your wedding expert has read everything that required attention, but you yourself should read all the vendor contracts personally. If there is any clause last minute hiccups or anything that you should know before hand, you must know about it. Do not spend unnecessary money here and there. In fact, get your papers together and read them much in advance.

Tip: Do not keep the contract reading bit for the last few days. Do it a few weeks in advance.

Casual Weddings Are As Expensive Casual Weddings

Were you under false allusions that a casual wedding will not cost you as much as throwing a fancy bash? You are mistaken. The fact is, whether it’s silk napkins or perfect paper works, the amount of effort is the same, no matter what your wedding planner tells you. Just make sure you know what you are settling for anything that costs you just about the same and only looks more casual.
Tip: Ask for an overall budget including additional expenses if you are told that casual set up will cost less.
There are some things that are bound to go haywire at weddings, after all, that’s a part of the fun too, isn’t it? For everything else, you have these simple tips to help you sail through the shadi madness.

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