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Royal Looking Dark Colour Palettes for your Wedding

By Gurmeert Kaur | February 20, 2024

Royal looking dark colour palettes for your wedding


A wedding’s tone may be established by selecting the appropriate colour scheme, which is only one of many crucial components of wedding preparation. For wedding themes, dark hues might be ideal if you want to give your guests a feeling of royalty and sophistication. Dark hues radiate refinement, grandeur, and elegance, making them ideal for any wedding celebration, even one with a royal theme. We’ll look at some gorgeous dark colour schemes in this article that will make your wedding seem absolutely royal. From wedding decor to outfit themes and other factors, these colour themes can be inculcated in any form, sky is the limit. 

1. Gold and Navy Blue

Gold and Navy Blue

Navy blue and gold is a classic and royal colour scheme. Gold provides a hint of wealth and luxury, while navy blue’s rich, deep hue conveys mystery and elegance. This colour scheme works well for a classic wedding and may be used for wedding cakes, table linens, outfits and wedding decor, among other things. If your navy blue décor has gold highlights and features, think about using gold table centrepieces or invites with gold trimmings. This colour theme is so versatile that you can easily adopt this palette for any kind of pre-wedding event or the main wedding day itself.

2. Champagne and Burgundy

Champagne and Burgundy

If you are looking for a colour theme that oozes romance and sophistication, champagne and burgundy would be an ideal choice for you. Champagne offers a hint of refinement and affluence while burgundy is a rich, dark hue which symbolises desire. This colour scheme works well for an autumn or winter wedding and may be used for the decor elements, table settings and flower arrangements, among other elements of your wedding décor. To balance the richness of the burgundy and champagne hues, you can also add gold accents. This theme transitions seamlessly from day to night, also giving you a perfect chance to host a classy sundowner event.

3. Plum with Silver

Plum with silver

Plum and silver are great colours for creating a chic and contemporary atmosphere as the colours complement each other really well. Silver brings a dash of sleekness and modernism, while plum is a deep, dark purple that oozes power and refinement. This colour scheme works well for an evening wedding and a sundowner event. The protean nature of this palette allows you to add food items, decorative centrepieces, beautiful chandeliers, flower arrangements and much more. To further accentuate the opulent vibe of the colour scheme, you may also utilise silver embellishments like ribbons or votive candle holders.

4. Gold with Emerald Green

Gold with Emerald Green

Consider using an emerald green and gold colour scheme for a truly grand and colourful effect. Rich, jewel-toned emerald green is symbolic of prosperity and wealth, while gold lends an air of grandeur and elegance. The perfect balance will bring out the regal beauty of your wedding. This colour scheme works well for a spring or summer wedding and may be used for décor elements like table settings and flower arrangements. To achieve a really sumptuous design, think about utilising gold accents and embellishments, including gold-rimmed glasses or silverware. Emerald green is definitely a versatile colour that can be integrated in any part of the wedding.

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5. Rose Gold and Black

Rose gold and black

Think about using rose gold and black to give a contemporary touch to a conventional colour scheme. Rose gold brings warmth and softness, while black is a timeless, elegant colour that radiates mystery and elegance. Without a doubt, this colour palette is unique and if used well, it can create a very dreamy ambience for all the people attending the wedding. Along with wedding decor and other elements, even the wedding favours could all use this colour scheme, which is ideal for a modern wedding. To add a sense of luxury to the black colour palette, think of using rose gold highlights and details, such as rose gold chargers or rose gold foiled stationery. The subtlety of this colour palette will surely make your wedding look like a fairytale.

6. Silver and Deep Purple

Silver and Deep Purple

Bold and captivating, deep purple offers a hint of mystery and charm. When paired with silver, it produces a beautiful and eye-catching contrast. This colour combination is highly trending in those weddings that are looking for a whimsical twist in their decor. Adding different shades of purple will surely add more depth to the event. This colour scheme works well for a winter wedding and may be used for table linens, and flower arrangements, among other things. To balance the rich purple colours, think about adding silver elements like charger plates or table runners.

7. Grey Charcoal and Blush

Grey Charcoal and Blush

A pink and charcoal grey colour scheme would appear stylish and charming as it is an innovative and unique palette. Blush offers a delicate and feminine touch, while charcoal grey is a classy and adaptable colour for weddings. This colour scheme works well for a sophisticated and modern wedding and may be used for flower arrangements, table settings and even favours for the guests. The most fun part about this colour palette is the fact that you can add more colours to it to bring more vibrancy and this will give a kick to the overall wedding setting as well. The perfect combination that can be used in any weather. 

8. Copper with Dark Green

Copper with Dark Green

Rich and elegant, dark green is a colour that always represents richness and abundance. It goes well with copper to provide a cosy, earthy mix to bring out other fabulous elements of the wedding. This colour scheme works well for a rustic or outdoor wedding, and it may be used for the wedding cake as well as other décor and bridal outfits. To bring out the natural beauty of the dark green colour palette, opt for copper elements like lanterns or foil on wedding stationery. Different shades of green can also be used to complement the copper colour.

To summarize the blog, by selecting a dark colour scheme you can change the atmosphere of your events by adding more sophistication and depth. Dark hues may help you create a royal and magnificent style for your wedding décor, whether you want to use black and rose gold, burgundy and champagne, plum and silver, emerald green and gold, or navy blue and gold. While choosing your colour scheme, don’t forget to take the season and wedding theme into account. Although, all the colour palettes described above are very versatile and can be mixed and matched between combinations. Complementary accents and details will also help to improve the overall look. Your wedding will be a genuinely regal celebration that your guests won’t soon forget if you choose the appropriate dark colour scheme.

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