Imagination or Inspiration: The Thin Line! -

Imagination or Inspiration: The Thin Line!

By Gurmeert Kaur | March 7, 2014

The world of creativity is equally guided by prolific imagination and what we call inspiration. On my professional journey as a curator of weddings, something that has continuously concerned me is the aspect of designs. In the age where Digitalism has made the entire world a small community making information accessible at a click of a button, retaining originality and protecting your intellectual property is a challenge that everyone related to the aesthetic world faces.

India has witnessed a surge of designers in the wedding industry. As we offer ourservices to Brides and Grooms in the business of conjuring marriages, everycustomer looks forward to a setting for their special day to be unique and we promise a design and decor that will be innovative and novel. But, do wealways deliver..maybe we do or maybe don’t. I constantly check with my team if the proposed design is inspired by the World Wide Web. The issue of copyright troubles me because for us creating a design is a journey from a charcoal stencil to a 3D powered design, there are numerous steps involved and expensive resources deployed. FNP Weddings has been striving to bring the issue of copyright infringement into focus, our last Wedding Fraternity Meet saw a series of debates and perspectives about the same dilemma.

I am of opinion that this not just a legal issue, it is a whole lot more. It reflects on the ingenuity of an individual’s work ethics and the foundation of morality as well. Event Planners like us can take initiatives that range from brand related watermarks on all our intellectual property to registering designs.While the West has seen campaigns both in the online and offline space, about copyright and its infringements, India has a long way to go. Conventionallyspeaking designers can seek protection under intellectual property regimes including copyright rights, dedicated design laws, and unfair design competition. Though we have the Indian Design Act in place but in a sector like weddings which is still taking baby steps from being an unorganized sector into a trade that has processes and systems in place, wehave a long way to go.

As the unsung heroes of the fraternity of weddings, it becomes the responsibility of eachindividual and designer to strike a chord with their valuable work ethics and refrain from (mal)practices that can typecast you as the ‘photoshop’ hero, an artist who is just a little too inspired. As members of the fraternity, it is our responsibility to have a mutually symbiotic relationship without breaching the thin line of imagination against inspiration.

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