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Cocktail Decoration Ideas

By Gurmeert Kaur | April 19, 2013

The cocktail party brings everyone together from both sides in a magical celebration where guests let loose and have fun. This is why you need fun cocktail decoration ideas to leave a lasting impression. FNP Weddings knows how important the cocktail is for the marriage celebration. With a growing list of satisfied clients, FNP Weddings takes client satisfaction to a whole new level placing at the top of the industry.

We Plan Your Event

Before we settle down on a theme, we look for concepts that suit your taste and preference. Whether you want a traditional Indian theme or one that brings together popular trends such as Bollywood, Las Vegas or something completely new, FNP Weddings provides a number of services that result in the perfect cocktail.

  • Fashion Coordination to make sure everyone is following the theme.
  • A wide variety of lighting techniques and services to set the mood.
  • Setting up the decorin the most interesting style.
  • Custom decorations that cater to your personal preference.

Customising Your Setting

Cocktails have come a long way from the typical concept of service drinks and finger food. Today, the bachelor and the bachelorette parties are for more than just that. When you want exciting themes, cool concepts, fun ideas and the most interesting props we make it all available for you. With years of expertise our wedding planning team works with the best mixologists and bar tending experts to make your cocktail a memorable experience. If there is one thing we can promise, its that you won’t leave any of your guests disappointed.

What makes us different

We have collaborated with the best brands in the industry. We ensure that your guests get the best deals on Liquor and just the right food to complement it. Our cocktail decoration ideas go beyond the ordinary, we believe in creating themes never explored before. A glimpse into our works will tell you what sets us apart.

  • Great deals on Alcohol.
  • Latest themes and lighting techniques.
  • Wide range of appetisers to choose from.
  • Experienced mixologists and bartenders from around the world.
  • The most sophisticated serving staff.
  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene.
  • No compromises on quality.

Cocktail ceremony is where you build bonds for a lifetime, you want it to be fun but at the same time no last minute hiccups. This is why it is important to have a planner to set the stage for you, theres nothing quite like an expert to organise the entire event for you. At FNP Weddings, we do not compromise on quality. When you want the best cocktail arrangements, get in touch with our team. Not only will you be surprised by the quality of our work, you will also be amazed at the various deals we have on offer.

When it’s about making cocktails the best event of your wedding, our experts walk a few extra miles to make it happen. Get the latest themes and concepts for your cocktail function. After all, this is bound to be one of the best nights of all the wedding functions you will have. When it comes to getting licenses for liquor and making the best catering arrangements, you can rely on us with all the trust. We do not make tall claims. Our cocktail decoration ideas are unique and surpass the best in the industry. Let us know what you want and we’ll make all your dreams come true.

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