By Gurmeert Kaur | April 19, 2013

Wedding Anniversary Decoration

Anniversary’s have a special relevance in the life of married couples. They invite their loved ones to have a grand affair on the day that symbolises togetherness and love for them. Capturing this essence Ferns N Petals creates fabulous floral designs that reflect your style and can make a beautiful setting for the celebration.

Be it a 1st Anniversary, Silver Anniversary or a Golden one, we offer variety of themes which not only can be the fun to experience but also leave memories for a lifetime. These themes are created with a lot of personal touch so that each guest who walks in would feel the warmth and the presence of the host. Creating a feature wall with pictures of the couple and their family creates an intriguing experience for the guests. Having a photo ops area where guests can click pictures with their loved ones, framing it onsite and presenting it as a return gift to the guest is a very popular idea these days. As kids if you are planning an anniverssary party for your parents; take them down memory lane and create the magic of the era when they first came together;

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