7 Money- Saving tips for your Destination Wedding -

7 Money- Saving tips for your Destination Wedding

By Gurmeert Kaur | July 19, 2015

Saving tips for your Destination Wedding

We all grow up creating lot of fantasies about our dream wedding, isn’t it? Weddings are always a grand even and people want to make it an affair to remember always! The latest trend to make weddings really happening is that of a destination wedding. So, what does destination wedding mean? Well, if you are planning to set your wedding location out of your hometown, you are planning a wedding destination. The different location can be some other city in your own country, or you altogether choose an exotic location for your wedding, i.e. any foreign place.

Money Saving Tips for Destination Wedding

Planning destination wedding is not an easy task. It may require expenses double than a normal wedding event. But that does not mean that we are discouraging you about it. Rather, we are here to share some important tips with you regarding your destination wedding. Destination wedding are not necessarily meant to cost you a fortune, but if you plan it appropriately.

Here are 7 money-saving tips for your destination wedding:

  • Choose your destination carefully: Plan your budget and accordingly choose your wedding location. Always ensure that you go with the location that offers variety of fun elements, satisfying the dynamics of your group. Main things to consider are: fine dining? Venue? Coordinated retreats?
  • Select a place that doesn’t require tenting: Arranging for tents can be very expensive. Look for the venues that don’t require tenting and have a covered area that could even work as a backup if weather creates some problems.
  • Hold your wedding during off-season: You can find great discounts during off-peak seasons. Experts say that during off-season you can redeem discounts of 25- 30%. But, make sure you do not plan it around the weather threats.
  • Consider a partial buyout: If complete venue purchase in not allowed by your budget, seek if there is any opportunity to borrow the part of the property. At foreign place, this trick can help to save a lot!
  • Make your group bigger: Most of the discounts, offered by resorts, is when you register with big groups. Group packages can help you with great discounts on activities, dining, transportation, and staying.
  • Pick a wedding planners: Wedding planners have great links and they are experts. They give you good wedding packages, cutting off unnecessary expenses, and providing discounts on essential things. In India, you can refer to wedding planners in Delhi, they have experience of planning weddings at exotic locations.
  • Choose a wedding destination, representative of the city: Do not simply fall in love with scenic beauty and pick your wedding destination. Rather, choose a venue which is representative of the city and its natural charm. This can help you to escape a lot on additional décor.

Hence, if you simply follow these tips, you can easily plan your destination wedding. Make the most of your big day with creating memories, worth cherishing forever.
Happy Destination Wedding!

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