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5 Ways to Plan your Wedding within your Budget

By Gurmeert Kaur | July 16, 2015

Plan your Wedding within your Budget

Wedding is the most awaited and memorable moment for anyone. Along with the bride and the groom, it is an important event for their families too. In present era, the scope of wedding has changed a lot and it has become more than a traditional ceremony between two families, marriage is nowadays treated as a social event for everyone. Everyone expects their marriage to become a grand affair, but we all are not able to afford same kind of expenses. Well, in such a case, how can we make perfect wedding arrangements within the budget constraint? Let’s take a look at the 5 topmost modern wedding decoration ideas which can make your wedding, a great affair, under budget.


5 Topmost Modern Wedding Decoration Ideas

a) Division of expenses

In Finland, a proverb is very famous- “Well-Planning is half done”, thus plan and divide your expenses efficiently and effectively. Search for unnecessarily increased costs and cut them. While planning, make list according to importance of the things. Keep the most important things on the top while least important things at the bottom. Try to plan your wedding like a traditional wedding decorators.

b) Lavishness

In a country like India, wedding is a major social event where people try their best to showcase their social status. However, it could be done up to a certain level, but beyond that level it becomes hard to bear expenses. So, puta strict control on useless things. Cope with the basic requirements of the marriage, first.

c) Reception

Generally people spend a huge portion of their money on reception (approximately 50%-60%) and try to make it as grand as possible. Remember reception is a segment which is more than enough to disturb your budget so just focus on necessary items.

d) Gifts

Generally after reception, families spent huge sum of money on Gifts and deliverables. Make a proper list of guests whom you want to gift. Make sure whom you have to gift? After deciding on the list, check your budget, and choose your gift accordingly. Usually, people buy gifts and then focus on the list of guests and quantity of gift pieces required. This practice of frivolous expenditure proves as a biggest disturbing element, affecting your budget.

e) Precise and Compact

Alike any social event, you can spend money on marriages without any limit, but actually this limitless expenditure needs a limit. Thus focus on important areas, and plan according to that. Cut every unnecessary small expenditure and don’t spend to show off!

You may want every possible things of universe in your marriage, but it is neither possible nor practical. Hence, only focus on important expenses that would not disturb your budget.

You can also lookout for the help of professional wedding planners and efficient wedding decorators to plan your marriage within budget.

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