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5 Best Destinations For A Wedding Abroad

By Gurmeert Kaur | July 18, 2015

Destinations For A Wedding Abroad

You have just got engaged and planning about your wedding destination? Why not experience an ultimate wedding by tying the knot? Surely, it would be the most unforgettable experience!

Best Wedding Destinations

Don’t worry! it won’t cost you a fortune, but will make set your marriage apart from others.
We have prepared you a list of 5 sensational wedding destinations. You can easily prepare your wedding at these places with a correct approach. So, let’s examine that

why you should plan your wedding around these places:

MAURITIUS: Without a second thought, Mauritius is a magical place to witness your dream tropical wedding. It is a home to spectacular white-sand beaches and lush verdant mountains that rises up from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Holding your wedding ceremony at such exotic scenery would be an experience engraved in your mind forever.
If you love the idea, make sure you hire some professional help to make the task easy for you. Professionals could be like wedding planners in Mauritius, helping you to get access to some of the best hotels, services, and facilities. To make your wedding a grand affair, ask them to arrange for variety of water activities that your guests can enjoy during their stay. All of you, can enjoy activities like scuba diving, boat trips to deserted islands, big game fishing, etc. And undoubtedly, food will remain the best part of your wedding- the cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, African, French, Creole- something or the other for each of your guests.

CYPRUS: Home of the Greek Goddess of love, Cyprus sees more of a foothold of to-be-wedded couples over other exotic locations. It is considered as the best place in the world to conduct the church weddings. Beaches are really pretty, and the weather at this place is always pleasant. The town and villages are packed with amazing wedding venues and locations. It is ‘truly an island of love,’ having so much to offer for your perfect wedding abroad.

TURKEY: How about saying your marriage vows in a Turkish palace? Or, you can even plan your wedding ceremony in a quiet beach town, like Gocek, known for its blue and green scenery. Venues, range from beach front balconies and mountain view terraces, to gazebos set up beside teal-colored lakes. This place can be a true delight for your bride as she can enjoy a lot of pre-wedding pampering with Turkish baths and foam massages.

THAILAND: If you are stuck on budget, Thailand is the solution for you! It is an ideal place to conduct wedding at affordable price. The country is already known for the charm of its tropical-weather. Ceremonies on the beach, cocktails in the sunshine, and dining under the stars… when comes cheap, nothing can beat Thailand!

ABU DHABI: This place is worth a luxurious wedding! It may be little undiscovered from the point of hosting marriages, but the place offers you some top-class international resorts. A year-round sunshine and superb facilities for leisure and recreation, will give you more kind of a holidaying experience, summing up your marriage without any hassle. To experience the magical mystique on Arabian adventure on your wedding, consult wedding planners in Abu Dhabi.

So, here was a small treat to 5 best destinations for a wedding abroad. Make your dream wedding come true! Happy wedding!

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