Vendor Management

By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

We understand that your wedding is the most memorable event. To make sure that extra care & personal touch is there to make them feel special. Our vendor management services include:

  • Ensuring timely presence and qualitative delivery as
    committed by all service providers
  • Ensuring timely set-up of the venue (outside and inside)
  • Placement of thematic signages with kilometer detailing
  • Identifying drivers food area
  • Organising and briefing trained hosts / hostesses about
    their areas of operation i.e. Welcoming, Escorting, Service
    hospitality, Venue Layout, Emergency requirements
  • Ensuring proper grooming and crisp and clean thematic
    uniforms for the service and hospitality team
  • Buffet layout and set-up as per the theme and equipment decided
  • Coordinating and ensuring high standards of service of food and beverage
  • Facilitating the artistes / choreographers with their approved requirements of Sound and light
  • Providing technical inputs on sound acoustics and light design plan (if required) with the use of sound engineers and light jockeys
  • Ensuring smooth and safe flow of the event through timely feedback from area managers
  • For safety purpose the guest area movement can monitored through CCTV’s
  • Placing Fire Brigade and Ambulance to address any emergencies

In addition to the above mentioned onsite coordination we also help in sourcing all your vendors.

  • Special Fireworks at the time of Baraat, Jaimala, Reception or Doli.
  • Mehendi artists from Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata.
  • Arranging choodiwalas, tarot card reader, palmist etc for mehendi function
  • Shenai walas, palkis
  • Orchestrating special entry for bride & groom
  • Make up artist from Delhi or Mumbai
  • We create kid’s land to make your kid’s birthday special- by balloons, candy floss and many more.


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

Trousseau has deeply traditional roots, both sensible and sentimental ones. Generally a collection of gift items like clothes, jewellery, household keepsakes, etc.
Since it is a common practice to put the trousseau on display, attractive trousseau packaging is a great touch. Carrying forward your wedding theme or colour palette can be a great way to interestingly display your trousseau.

  • Interesting containers like a beautiful carved wooden chest, brocade or rich fabric boxes, lovely tiled mosaic boxes. (Special look for your trousseau these also serve as a nice addition to your décor at home)
  • Decorated thaals and trays especially for smaller items, adorned with colourful cloth, beautiful lace/frills and ribbons, velvet, satin and jewel embellishments.
  • Compartmentalized organizers and trays with dividers in lovely colours not only look good but also allows you to keep everything mess free.

You could carry over the theme of your clothes and accessories if any or tie it up nicely with common touches. Having a theme for the way your gifts are presented, in terms of style and colours makes for one attractive trousseau! If you have a theme for your wedding and a colour palette that runs through all your events, it can incorporated in your trousseau packing as well.

Trousseau packing is the specialized packaging for wedding gifts given to the bride and her to-be family including her husband. These gifts are ceremoniously given away a few days before marriage. The tradition in India is to give away articles that the new couple would need as part of their life together. The items may include a car, jewelry, bed, dressing table, clothes, Saree etc. Dowry is an illegal practice, but India marriages being deep-rooted in tradition, follow the practice of giving dowry to the groom’s family.


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

Two viable modes of operations are :

  • Forming a car pool
  • Allocating a vehicle per guest

The core responsibility of the travel coordinators would be :

  • To ensure that ‘no guest has to wait for a vehicle’
  • To take a inventory of the vehicles reporting everyday
  • Take a note of the meter reading at the time of reporting
  • Ensure that the Drivers are well behaved and well dressed
  • All cars are complete with amenities like mineral water, daily news paper, tissues etc
  • The music to be played in the cars could be customized according to the hosts choice
  • All cars to be branded with the wedding logo/car stickers with no’s
  • Identification cards to be worn by all Drivers
  • In case of vehicle allotment a card bearing the drivers and vehicle details to be given to the guest and maintain a duplicate of the same at the travel desk

The various categories of cars and their rates are as follows :

  • Type A : Mercedes
  • Type B : Camry / Accord
  • Type C : Corolla
  • Type D : Honda City / Lancers/ Optra/Accent
  • Type E : Esteem / Ikon
  • Type F : Innova


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

The joy of wedding, the exuberance of the celebration, the spirit of fellowship, the warmth of love, the soothing sound of laughter, all these make a wedding on this earth, unforgettable. Yet it takes the craftsmanship of a talented, experienced candid wedding photographer to capture those moments that can become the talking point for a lifetime. Candid Pictures has a team of professional wedding photographers who will work magic with the lens like you have never experienced or seen before.

A picture is worth a thousand words but we think Wedding photo are more than that; it consists of Love, Promise, memory, passion and Joy. That’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time. To capture the moment Wedding photography has come a long way. Thanks to camera technology and powerful image editing tools, wedding photographers are able to create and manipulate photos, creating out of the box wedding photos like never before.

Finding a professional wedding photographer for your wedding can be a difficult task, there is so much choice from a vast range of wedding photography styles and many packages available.

Our professional photographers have great experience in spontaneous photography that unravels the story of the day. The candid photography can be done for wedding, parties and other events.

Some of our empanelments are with famous photographers who use state of the art technology :

  • Raja & Badal Jain
  • Prakash Tilokani
  • Joseph Radhik
  • Puneet Bhatia
  • Make my Movie
  • Red Studio


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

Your invites give your guests a sneak peek and so to say are the first look of your wedding style. Since a wedding is undoubtedly an expensive affair so, why not make a statement with the invite design as well. Innovatively designed personalized cards are a style statement in themselves. An invite speaks loudly of your taste and hence we help you design a card that reflects your personality.

Some popular styles are:

  • Engraved/Embossed Invites
  • Gold foiled
  • Printed Silk fabric or textured butter paper
  • Book/Box shaped Invites
  • Traditional art/motif inspired invites
  • Handwritten/Calligraphic Invites
  • Pop-up Invites
  • Wax seal for Envelopes
  • Off-set Printed Invites

An elaborate set of Invite may include:

  • Save-the-date Card
  • Main Invite (for all functions)
  • Inserts (with details for all the functions)
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Venue Maps
  • RSVP Card

Our panel of designers ensures that there is a card for every taste and budget.

  • Ravish Kapoor
  • Entertainment Design Co
  • Palette Productions


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

Airport Hospitality

This aspect is handled by a team of professionals trained in handling large volume movements of guests. Sensitivity towards guests needs is the key attribute for all hospitality staff deployed in general.

Key areas in attendance would be as follows:

  • A Hospitality desk set up inside the airport premises. We would be branding this counter to ensure easy identification. In addition, elements of branding would be used on staff uniforms, baggage tags to ensure smooth execution. To be able to deliver this service we require your intervention to procure necessary permits etc.
  • Collation & execution of arrival and departure details of guests.
  • Receiving of guests on arrival and coordinating further movement of guests. Coordination of baggage transfers and guest movement with hotels.
  • Arrangement of vehicles for transportation of guests. Each car would be equipped with basic amenities such as :
    1. Evian Mineral Water
    2. Rani Juices
    3. Aerated Waters
    4. Daily English Journal
    5. Face Tissues

Hotel Hospitality

A dedicated hospitality desk at each hotel set up to ensure a pleasant stay of guests attending the wedding.

Key responsibility areas :

  • Ensuring timely blocking of rooms and co-ordination with hotel staff.
  • Drawing up a plan of vehicle movement as per anticipated requirement for transportation.
  • Welcome calls to the guests after the check-ins for any further assistance required.
  • Creating and placement of personalized / thematic welcome notes, wedding kit, snack and mini bar hampers, fruit platters, cookies etc ;in the room before the check in of the guests and daily replenishment.
  • Communicating events itinerary to all in-house guests from time to time.
  • Concierge services
  • Coordination of wake – up calls / reminders for guests, if required.
  • Communicating with guests to inform schedule of each event and follow-up on the same.
  • Re-confirmation of check out timings for departures scheduled for each day to ensure smooth and timely airport transfers.
  • Communicating with guests for flight re-confirmation /tele-check –in on flights/ information pertaining to any changes in the flight schedule, especially group check-outs.
  • Hospitality desk would be equipped with the following facilities for guests :
    – First Aid kit
    – Local area maps
    – Information on nearby markets, hospitals, cinemas, pubs etc
    – Doctor-on-call
    – Beauty parlor services


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

Success of any function is quite dependent on a good recipe of combination location, decoration and entertainment and among these music and entertainment is said to be the ears and eyes any function.

An Indian Wedding without music, dance and other forms of entertainment is totally unheard. After all, wedding is a celebration time and its one of the biggest days of your life so, it should be treated as such.. When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference. let us help you create the memories that will last a lifetime!

Our Entertainment Specialist would put together a complete entertainment package within your budget & which fits well with your taste, preference & wedding theme..

Our Service includes –

Bollywood Celebrity

A very fancy must nowadays has become the fashion of having at least one celebrity guest appearance to mark a wedding as something of a standard at Indian weddings. To put in that extra WOW factor go for a celebrity guest appearance or performance..


Choreographers don’t just teach you and your family dance steps, they will make your first dance one of the best parts of the wedding day, making memories that you’ll never forget. Book Choreographer to learn dance for your wedding and impress all your guests…


The DJ at a wedding is the person in charge of music during dinner and especially during the dancing, combining music tracks from different styles to ensure that all guests’ musical tastes are catered for and have great memories of the Evening. As each occasion is treated individually so book DJ for your various kinds of events..


The Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) is the host of your wedding and should make sure everyone is having a good time.MC introduce each person who is speaking, dancing, singing as well as important events. You can also look at celebrity MC…


Singer can set the mood of the guest and bring sensation among them Singer can spice up the environment of the wedding party.
We provide bollywood singers, Punjabi Singers, Sufi Singers, Bhajan singers, Folk Singer.. Choose the singer who can perform the way you desire and want..

Live Band

A great option is to hire a live band or musicians to add the perfect harmonious touch to the wedding you can even have them perform ‘your’ song as you dance at the reception.
We have a choice of classical instrumentalists who can perform live during weddings, cocktail parties or do stage performances. Choice of instruments includes bamboo, flute, santoor, sarod, shehnai, sitar, tabla , jal tarang etc. This can range from solo performers to group performers.

Dhol Players

The pomp and ceremony of a marriage celebration is started off in a grand way by the sound of the dhol played by either a single player or a troupe escorting the couple into the hall.

Dance Troupe

We can provide group pieces and solos with highly trained dancers for all sorts of ocaasions to make your event really sparkle. Elaborate Costumes, dazzling jeweler and dynamic dance routines..
Performances are tailor made to suit your event and cover a vast range of dance styles to suit the audience whether it be Bollywood songs from your favourite films, Bhangra, Modern Fusion, Classical, Mujra their routines are dynamic and expressive…

International Acts

We have excellent international acts as Quick Change, Laser Show, UV Acts, Aerial Act, Hoola Hoop etc…

Special Act

You can also consider out of the box entertainment options like sand act, live painting etc..depending on the kind of wedding you are having..

So let’s give a completely different & new definition to the term entertainment from just pleasure to a lot more…


By Gurmeert Kaur | April 15, 2013

Catering is one of the prime concerns, when it comes to organizing a wedding.

From thematic dining concepts to international chefs & specialty regional dishes, our catering services include:

  • Choice of caterers from all over India
  • Customizing menus to specific function needs and taste palates.
  • Customized a la carte dining options from various restaurants like Dum Pukht, Bukhara and many more.
  • Innovative accessory designs for special sit downs like floral rings for napkins, customized napkins, wine covers etc.
  • Suggesting/Sourcing Maharajas/cooks for smaller home functions.


  • We do different kinds of bar as per the occasion like round floral bar, truck bar, glass bar.
  • Offering choice of bar tenders nationally or international and national bar tenders who’s awarded with bar tending champion league.
  • Offering you newly invented bar “ barat bar” which moves on with your barat
  • We help you to customizing mocktail & cocktail menus
  • We have a tieup with leading brands like “Pernod Ricard”, UB group. To help you to procure liquor at lesser rate’s
  • We provide bar services like:-
    1. Special Ice carving
    2. Crystal clear Ice bar ( made of ice completely)
    3. Special ice glasses (for shots and regular drinks)

Vendor Management

We understand that your wedding is the most memorable event. To make sure that extra care & personal touch is there to make them feel special. Our vendor management services include:

  • Special Fireworks at the time of Baraat, Jaimala, Reception or Doli.
  • Mehendi artists from Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata.
  • Arranging choodiwalas, tarot card reader, palmist etc for mehendi function
  • Shenai walas, palkis
  • Orchestrating special entry for bride & groom
  • Make up artist from Delhi or Mumbai
  • We create kid’s land to make your kid’s birthday special- by balloons, candy floss and many more.
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