List of Best Corporate Event Venues in Delhi NCR

Popular Venues for Corporate Conferences, Award Functions, Annul Days and Other Events

Hosting a grand corporate event for the sake of your company or organization is of utmost importance because it shows the taste of you towards your clients. Delhi is fast growing as a huge seat for top level companies and with it the locations for corporate event venues are also on the rise. The decorum, comfort level, connectivity to the local transport system all are considered to be key points before deciding the most suitable venue to host any event.

Presenting to you a long list of corporate event venues in Delhi.

Ambience Golf Drive, Ambience Island, NH-8, Gurgaon: This one is the best and the most wanted corporate event venues in Delhi-NCR zone. It is from the famous brand of Ferns N Petals who has crafted this wonderful venue with elegant décor and extravagance of flower petals. It is one of the most sought after venues in this region. Your clients would be more than happy in this place as it is filled with all modern amenities. It comprises two lawns, The Ritz and The Riviera. The Ritz has a ready-made design set-up and is fully air conditioned, The Riviera has lush green open space which can be customized according to the client’s preference. Next time book this place for your corporate event venue. Visit here

Image Credits: FNP Gardens

India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi: It is spread over nine acres in the heart of New Delhi. It has all the upgraded technology required to support conferences in corporate world. It is touted as one of the most intelligent construction in our country. The look is soothing to the eye as it gives a sense of old world charm with its red brick exterior color. Along with that the lush greenery and center water body is an added attraction. You would find various in-house restaurants inside it who are proficient in Italian, American, and all types of Indian food. Visit here

Image Credits: IHC

J W Marriott Hotel, Asset Area 4 – Hospitality District, Delhi Aerocity, New Delhi: One would experience a luxury like no other place in Delhi. So, very obviously your clients and corporate guests would be touched by the glamor as well as excellent hospitality provided by these people. The executive lounge has amazing food in its store. Visit here

Image Credits: JW MARRIOT

Le Meridien, 8 Windsor Place, New Delhi: The plus point of this place is its position closer to the Rastrapati Bhaban and this adds a lot of weightage to the corporate event venue. Needless to say that the business center, conference halls, or exhibition venue offered by this place is outstanding. Your clients and corporate guests would be more than happy. Visit here

Le Meridien
Image Credits:Le Meridien

To host or organize a successful corporate event, the venue selected should be the most important thing in mind. And thus research and study well before concluding on any one.

47,000 Tent Dealers have walk the talk for abolishing Child Marriage in Rajasthan

Source: Times of India | Image Courtesy: The Logical Indian

Dipa Karmakar made headlines on April 2016 by becoming the first Indian gymnast to qualify for Olympics. There are several Dipa’s in Indian society too, who are consistently raising the bar and are making durable mark in sports, corporate and education, we still rank 6th in the world in the number of child marriages. Approximately 17 million children are married at the age of 10 and 19. The practice of setting the legal age as 18 is brutally rampant in states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan.

But nearly 47,000 marriage tent dealers in Rajasthan have thought of standing up for the cause. They have refused to supply tents for child marriages. Some of the best tent dealers “Rajasthan Tent Dealers Kiraya Vavshya Samiti” have decided to check the birth certificates of both bride and groom. Moreover, if they find child marriages happening in and around Rajasthan they immediately inform the nearest police station.


FNP Weddings would like to pay a fitting tribute to these Rajasthan tent dealers who have taken such a strong stand against child marriages. We want many more such strong minded people who can strongly protest against child marriage and inform police, if they see any such activity around.

How to select right type of wedding planner?

After engagement and finalization of wedding date, the next task is to start search of a wedding planner. At first it might seem easy to search magazines, ask friends and surf internet to shortlist some of the wedding planners, but when you get into the details and look for specific features, you feel buried by a series of checklist.

This is the time when you think of some easy techniques to find the best wedding planner, who can make your wedding a lifetime memorable event. To start with the journey of a wedding planner selection in India, you should first know about different types of wedding planners, how they help clients, and then choose the one who can transform your ideas into reality for a perfect fairytale wedding.

Different types of wedding planners

Wedding Consultant: The couples who want to show their creativity in wedding arrangements, but want some guidance and assistance can take help of wedding consultants. These consultants or coordinators can provide you with the list of vendors, wedding photographers and other details for right preparations, but might not stand by you every time. Though you can request them to take the charge for the D-day, you should not expect complete professionalism or expertize from them, as they are not professional planners.

wedding photographer

Wedding Planner: As the name suggests they are the professional event planners having years of experience in the industry. Wedding planners in Delhi like FNP Weddings embrace your style and vision to start with their wedding arrangements and ensure you of perfect wedding. They hire the best team, vendors and caterers to make sure everything goes smooth and realize the couple’s dream of uniqueness. Most of the planners have professional degree or training in the field to complete their task with the perfection.

Wedding Designer: These are the experts who take couple’s vision to next level by combining their expertize with the bride’s ideas. Wedding designers have professional degree in specific fields like interior designing, floral designing etc. Some wedding planners also have team of designers and can perfectly handle task of wedding planning as well as designing.

wedding decorators

Now when you know about different types of wedding planners, the next task is to decide whom to hire for your dream wedding planning.

Background research: Every person engaged in planning small events cannot be a professional wedding planner. To ensure you hire the best planner, perform background research to check the credentials about the companies you have selected. You can take help of social media, review sites or previous clients to get feedback and narrow down your list.

Ask questions: One of the best ways to judge anyone is to ask questions. The same applies here also. Find below some of the questions, you can ask your prospective wedding planners to finalize the best one.

  • 1) Do you have license for the business?
  • 2) Have you got professional training for wedding planning or event management?
  • 3) Do you have other booking for the same day?
  • 4) How many years of experience do you have in the industry?
  • 5) What are the backup plans in case of rain or storm?
  • 6) Do you have experience in destination wedding planning too?
  • 7) Can you arrange wedding photographers also?
  • 8) What type of services do you provide in a complete wedding planning project?
  • 9) Can you match our budget and vision both?
  • 10) Can you provide details of some of the weddings you have planned?
  • 11) Do you sign legal contract?
  • 12) Do you give discounts?
  • 13) Ask about the inspiration and mind behind the concept in previous weddings.
  • 14) Will you provide additional staff if required on the wedding day?
  • 15) Can you change the arrangements if we don’t like these?

Last but not the least, while talking to a wedding planner, keep close eye on your chemistry with them. If you are comfortable working with them, the whole wedding planning will be really a fun.

Is Destination Wedding Really A Good Choice in Holiday Season?

Making wedding more special by planning it on special days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or New Year is a lifetime dream of many couples. May be you are also planning a memorable wedding celebration this holiday season.

Wedding during holiday season and that too at special destination like Goa, Udaipur or Kerala will be like cherry on the cake. But wait, do not get super excited. Destination wedding on holidays might not always a cool idea. Before planning a destination wedding during holiday season, just have a look at some of the pros and cons of this.

Cons of destination wedding during holiday season:

Inflated budget: Planning destination wedding during holidays might become an extremely expensive celebration. First you will not get any discounts or deals, due to limited availability of hotels and rooms. Further, if you get more generous and plan to pay for the guests stay also, you are sure going to get a big hole in your pocket.

wedding decorators

Absence of friends: Most of the people have advanced holiday plans. Guest lists for destination wedding is already small and then missing people from that small list too will spoil all the fun. If you are making the traveling arrangements at your expenses, it can also be wastage of money, when people do not turn up for the wedding.

Huge crowd: Planning destination wedding at popular location might have direct impact on the quality of services provided at the venue and presence of huge unexpected crowd. Your plans of beach wedding can completely be ruined by the huge crowd gathered there to celebrate the New Year eve.

Difficulty in finding vendors: You may also face difficulty in finding right wedding planner, wedding decorator and other vendors, as most of them might have their own vacation plans too. Sometimes, there are chances that you have to pay more to hire destination wedding planner during the busy season, as they might have other contracts for Christmas and New Year events.

Pros of destination wedding during holiday season:

destination wedding planner

No leaves from office and school: By planning marriage during holiday season, you can save your friends from the lengthy leave application process. They can participate in all the ceremonies without bothering about their office. Moreover, kids can also enjoy every celebration without being absent from the school.

Ample time with family and friends: If everything is planned well and done in advance, wedding during holiday season is a great idea to spend quality time with friends and family. It will be like a long vacation with the loved ones.

You can save on hotel bookings and arrangements, by hiring a destination wedding planner in advance. They will book hotels for you during off season to get deals and save you from the hassle of finding right venue in the busy season. As far as guest list is concerned, you can talk to them personally before booking rooms and tickets.

FNP Weddings is one of the leading wedding planners in Delhi; expert at destination weddings. The team can make every arrangement from venue selection to invitation cards, decoration, transportation, menu, wedding photographer etc. to make your destination wedding a fun-filled celebration.

Win Heart of your Guests with Some Unique DIY Wedding Planning

Wedding planning in India is a really time consuming and painful thing with so many preparations. Couples have to think about every aspect from decoration to menu, location, their own dresses and the most important their convenience of the guests.

Yes, pleasing guests is one of the most difficult parts of the whole wedding ceremony. In every wedding you will find one of the other guests getting annoyed on different issues. So, why not make your wedding special with planning some unique surprises for guests.

Most of the couples today prefer to hire wedding planners to save themselves from all the hassle of hiring vendors and working with them. They want to enjoy their lifetime moment to the fullest. Though you have hired wedding planners, you can still take responsibility of some planning to make your guests feel more special. These DIY wedding planning tips will help you make your wedding stand out and memorable for your guests making the moment lively.

Wedding Organiser

Make your guest list: This is one of the most difficult tasks in whole wedding planning. There are numerous people who wish to be part of your wedding celebration. Segregating all in different groups and deciding occasions on which they should be invited needs a lot of thinking. The list will help you decide the other activities for guests and the budget you need for the same.

Fancy cards: Start the surprises from the invitation card itself. Get a unique or fancy design with to impress the guests. It can have your own photographs, your cartoons or hidden gifts for the guests.

You can also get invitation cards in the form of credit cards or scratch cards to amaze your guests with your innovative thoughts.

Wedding invite

Unique photograph booth: Getting photographs clicked by standing beside the couple is what everyone does. Why not give your guests leverage of getting stylish selfies clicked with unique props and get the images on the spot. It will help them take memories with them. You can also ask your planner to hire a wedding photographer to get a stall in a corner for the guests. This will really amaze the young guests looking for more fun than just dance and food.

wedding venue decorators

Personalized notes for guests: As you have prepared the guest list yourself, you know who all are going to attend the wedding. So, you can also make your guests feel special by writing personalized notes for them. It can include thanks giving notes for becoming part of the celebration and blessing you for the new journey of life.

Wishes for lifetime: You can either ask the guests to come with letters having blessings or wedding advice or make arrangement with chits and pen to request guests write their wishes and put in a box. This will be a lifetime memory you can cherish anytime.

Wedding invitations

Wedding is not a grand even just for the bride and the groom; it is equally important for the guests attending it. So, besides adding memories for you, also do something special for the guests to enjoy the ceremony to the fullest and cherish every moment they spend at the wedding. Expert wedding planners like FNP Weddings can also give you innovative ideas regarding location, theme party for the guests, invitation cards etc.

Astonish the guests with a funky look on Mehendi ceremony

Among all the celebrations and ceremonies on wedding, Mehendi ceremony is the one holds due importance in every girl’s life. Most of the times it just remains a family function with ladies sangeet, dancing and a very simple look of the bride.

No matter whether it is a small family function or a well-planned outdoor ceremony, this is a onetime function you are going to remember lifetime. So why not make this pre-wedding function more memorable and special by going a whole different route with your look.

For sure you have to look elegant on you D-day, why not surprise guests on mehendi ceremony with a funky look. Here are some super trendy tips for a funky look:

Nail art:

Not just the lady applying henna on your hands will have attention to your nails, but all the other ladies will also be surprised with the glittering nails having funky nail art. You can either get it from experts or use stickers for an easy solution. Apply vibrant or neon shades to draw attention of guests.

nail art

Colored kohl:

You can easily get a super stylish look at home by using colored kohl and contrasting lipstick. Just apply black eyeliner, use green liner pencil on the lower eye lids and a vibrant shade of lipstick like bright coral to complete the look. You can also change the lipstick color and kohl color as per your dress.


No, I am not talking about Gajra in bun. This time try it in your braid for a change. You can also try loose flowers or petals in the loosely done fish braid or normal braid. Gajra will be a complete surprise for everyone.

floral jewellery

Glittery smokey eyes:

No, it’s not about the dark and dramatic smokey eyes. As it has to be funky and different, this time you are doing it by adding some glitter in different shade like purple. Amaze guests at your mehendi ceremony with killer eyes with a bling.


Remember Bollywood actress Gul Panag wearing sunglasses with her wedding outfit. Follow her footsteps and try something extra funky with sunglasses matching your lipstick.

Additional benefit: You can also save yourself from matching eye makeup.

Flaunt rustic look:

Don’t want to do a lot of makeup, before the D-day? Not a problem. Go rustic with minimalistic makeup and a super simple look. Just a thin eyeliner, sober lip gloss and peach eye shadow are all to complete the look.

phoolon ki jewelry

These are some tips for a funky look on pre-wedding ceremony. Add more fun to the whole celebration with professional wedding planners like FNP Weddings. The experts can decorate the location as per the theme, get you the best photographers to capture those special moments and make all the other arrangements for perfect wedding.

Hiring a Wedding Photographer?Avoid These Mistakes

Wedding is one of the most special occasions of life. So many rituals, functions and lots of fun, this is a lifetime memory for the newlywed couple as well as other family member. Couples try their level best to turn this day into a fairy tale affair.

People spend a lot on the delicious food, lavish decoration, expensive jewelry and venue, but when it comes to hiring wedding photographers, they start looking at their budget. Remember, you can always earn money, but can never repeat the same celebration and relive those moment. Only the perfectly clicked photographs can revive those sweet moments and take you back in the past.

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Things to Ask Wedding Photographers

Make sure you hire the best wedding photographer and don’t make the below mentioned mistakes; most of the couples make while hiring wedding photographers:

Quantity over quality:

Most of the couples end up guiding their photographers to click as many pictures as they can and provide all of them in the album. Would you like viewing an amazing but small album with high quality pictures or a bulky album with mediocre pictures? Obviously the first option is better. But it might need investment of a bit extra money. Don’t look at the money only; think about the quality of pictures and smile these will bring on your face every time you see these or show to others.

Missing personal meeting:

Though hiring a wedding planner and letting him do all the preparation is a good idea to ensure the best wedding planning, you should not ignore a personal meeting with the photographer and the decorators.  It will not just help you understand the photographer’s style, but will also help you make him understand your expectations and requirements. You can also opt for live chat or at least talk on the phone. Wedding planners can arrange for the meeting either at your home or at the photographer’s location.

Hiring a hobbyist:

While hiring the wedding photographer, make sure you hire a professional. Don’t make a mistake of hiring a hobbyist having a digital camera and claiming to be a right photographer for you. It might save you a few bucks, but at the cost of quality of your wedding album.

Two different teams:

One common instance in almost all the Indian marriages is two different teams of photographers from both the families. And what happens in the marriage. They waste most of the time in getting space to click the perfect photograph and you end up with nothing but some average pictures: and that too at double cost.

Why not hire one professional photographer with experienced team and let them work peacefully to click the best pictures. You can easily get two copies of the albums.

Not signing the contract: 

Most of the couples find it useless or less important to sign a legal contract with the wedding photographers. Being an educated and well-informed person, you should sign the legal contract with clarification of all the important details like price, hours of work, edited photographs, usage right on the images etc. It can save you from many hassles in future like demand of extra money for extended hours or illegitimate use of images for their promotion.

Interfering in their work:

Many couples commit blunder of guiding their photographers with the poses and locations. They forget that they have hired experts and they know what is good and what’s not. Rejection of their suggestions and compelling them to follow you not just irritates them, but also affects the quality of pictures.

Good wedding photographers are hard to find in peak wedding seasons. It’s better to start your search early or contact professional wedding planners like FNP to let experts handle all the tasks to make your marriage a lasting memory.

How Wedding Planners Add Wow To Decor

wedding theme designer

Weddings can be ridiculously extravagant. There is so much to do and explore when it comes to a venue, decorations, colours, themes and food. From a little something in the corner, bric-a-bracs here and there to those chandeliers, flowers and centrepieces, there is so much that makes a wedding decor wow! If you think fairytale decors only existed in movies, here’s a little something you should try with your wedding decorator to add that twist to your wedding. Here’s how our wedding decorators are squeezing all the kickass ideas in one wedding for you:

Walls Of Flowers

flower decoration in marriage

There’s no wedding without flowers. Whether you wants something fancy or utterly simple, the truth is, you simply can’t have a wedding without flowers. And today they have become so essential that there are props being made of flowers too. Everything from those hearts to little things here and there, there are white roses, gardenias and peonies making a part of the flower decor like never before. And the most trending among these concepts in an entire wall of flowers.

Chicago Style Lights

Or the letter marquee lights. These are a perfect way to spice up the decor for the reception event. These set a festive mood and when you lit them dimly, they add to the decor by lighting it up beautifully. You can choose from our range of letter and phrase ideas and add some fun to the decor too. Letter lights look beautiful hung on the wall or just on the dancing floor.

Hanging Decorations

wedding decoration

These are features which can be suspended at the entrance or anywhere from the bridal tables, dessert tables or dance floors. These look spectacular when you hang little somethings from ceilings or trees give the entire decor a wow factor. We at FNP weddings bring you a number of concepts form baubles to birdcages and mason jars, to name a few. They are not just visually attractive but make the decor spruce up in more ways than one.


wedding lighting decoration

Glitter vanished from the wedding decor scene for a while when the world decided to get subtler about them. But here they are again, and grander this time around. You have everything from a shimmering mandap to table cloths with a sprinkle of glitter and luxurious set ups. This is not it. There’s more to the elegance that glitter now brings with it.

Making a simple decor and then turning it into all the glam you want is something we love doing. FNP Weddings brings you concepts that haven’t been experimented with before. We know what it takes to make a wedding extravagant. And for those of you who love simple weddings, we add a dash of glam there too. Making weddings special is our passion.

Summary: Experiment. Make it extravagant & add glam to wedding decor. Wedding decorators at FNP Weddings bring you the best concepts and innovative themes. Click for more

Capture the beautiful moments of wedding for Eternity

Role of a good photographer in a wedding is very crucial. It is through them the emotional and fun filled moments are captured as memories. An album becomes a repository of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair. There is something really special to this bond that is decided in heaven but is solemnised on earth. When two wonderful souls decide to hold hands and decide to walk on to the path of matrimonial bliss, the world comes together to celebrate this union.

Each moment in a marriage is a mixed feeling of happy and sad emotions. It is also the time when everyone in the family along with friends and relatives come collectively to usher in celebration. There are lots of preparations that go on to make weddings a long lasting affair to remember.

How to make marriage ceremonies special?

While the to-be-bride and groom prepare to look the best on the d-day, it is their parents who work really hard to put things together. Thanks to some amazing professional wedding planners, planning and organising weddings has become so easy. There is no need to worry about anything as all the minute details are taken care by the event planners.

Contemporary Wedding

Here is the list of services that are offered

  • Deciding on the theme of the wedding
  • Coming up with innovative ideas to host destination weddings
  • Conceptualising card design and text for both the families
  • Sending out the invites to the list provided to them
  • Planning an elaborate menu for all functions
  • Hiring a experienced and professional wedding photographer
  • Getting beauty packages for the bride and her family and vice versa
  • Selecting gifts for the guests who attend the wedding
  • Looking after the guests during the event
  • Keeping the entertainment aspect alive during all pre and post wedding ceremonies

Above all of these services, wedding planners can help plan the entire event in the budget set by the client. From those with small budget to ones looking for a big fat wedding, these planners are smart enough to offer range of solutions.

Impressive wedding

Event planning companies understand the sentiments attached to the wedding. The staff members that works on deciding the entire plan to its implementation is selected with great care. Each member of team is an expert in their respective departments. It is more like a project that needs to be completed with utmost care.

The trend these days is to have signature weddings that included either a destination or a designer event. Famous designers from Indian film industry are roped in to design the look of the event along with the attire of the bride and grooms families.

Even with themes there is so much to dabble with. There is contemporary, modern, and traditional to Victorian era that can be recreated by the event designers. With so many extraordinary accessories to select from, the wedding venue can look like a million dollar mansion.

Even for destination wedding famous dance troupes from films and theatre are roped in to perform at the event. Many well-known actors too come to stage a performance for the special couple. On special demand orchestra group is also invited to render soulful music.

Wedding Chandeliers

The idea is host a wedding that is innovative, creative and unique. Families whose children are going to get married should enjoy all the moments and soak in the celebration with the wedding photographer capturing each moment beautifully.

Wedding tips to help you Stay Sane

Wedding planning can scare the life out of you. Don’t let it though. There are many last minute issues that surface just as you are ready to step on the aisle. Even as you think you have it all planned out, there is that one bobby pin which will fall off, a call that you will miss making, a guest you forgot to invite or an appointment you missed coordinating for. And unfortunately, these are rules and regulations and necessities you can’t even complain to your wedding coordinator about. Here are some tricks that your wedding planner won’t tell you about, and these are things you are bound to miss.

Hire Photographers At A Fixed Cost

Contemporary Wedding Planner
You will find all kinds of photographers out there. Well, there are chances that the wedding planner will tell you to coordinate with someone who will work at a cheaper cost but what is it that you are looking for? There are many planners who will ask you to find someone who is a beginner or just entered the industry as they are more easy to work with and are good at their work. But find out enough about their work before hiring them.

Tip: Set a price. Do not work any other way with photographers. At max, ask them to give you an estimate. Ask them to have a look at the wedding venue in advance too.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Little Details

Wedding Venue
This is something no one tells you or everyone says too much about. You do not have to worry about the little details of the wedding. Understand one thing, everything can’t be perfect, even if your wedding planner tells you so. Your wedding is not a project, it’s just an event full of emotions and fun, so sway with the flow. So what if one colour didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted it, sit back and relax.

Tip: Do not ruin your mood over little things. Learn to let go. It’s okay if a few things at the wedding venue did not go as planned.

Read Contracts Carefully

Wedding Venue
Of course your wedding expert has read everything that required attention, but you yourself should read all the vendor contracts personally. If there is any clause last minute hiccups or anything that you should know before hand, you must know about it. Do not spend unnecessary money here and there. In fact, get your papers together and read them much in advance.

Tip: Do not keep the contract reading bit for the last few days. Do it a few weeks in advance.

Casual Weddings Are As Expensive

Were you under false allusions that a casual wedding will not cost you as much as throwing a fancy bash? You are mistaken. The fact is, whether it’s silk napkins or perfect paper works, the amount of effort is the same, no matter what your wedding planner tells you. Just make sure you know what you are settling Casual Weddings for anything that costs you just about the same and only looks more casual.
Tip: Ask for an overall budget including additional expenses if you are told that casual set up will cost less.
There are some things that are bound to go haywire at weddings, after all, that’s a part of the fun too, isn’t it? For everything else, you have these simple tips to help you sail through the shadi madness.

What to expect at an Indian Wedding – What’s cooking at the Shaadi

Indian Wedding Planner
There are many things that highlight an Indian wedding. For the bride and groom, the wedding is an event that marks the beginning of their new life together; for others it is a time to flaunt their apparels, make merry during various kinds of rituals, and enjoy the gala fun and above all a time to feast on the delicacies. If you have been invited for the first time to one such wedding, here’s a list about common highlights of a typical wedding in India.

  • An occasion that runs through several days

wedding in India
This is a gala event that continues for a week or so. However, of late the length of this carnival of sorts has been shortened over time owing to the fast paced life of today and busy schedules of the guests as well of the hosts. Still, it is a common norm for the most weddings to run for three days simultaneously both on bride’s side as well as groom’s side. This is the reason many hire the services of a wedding planner who can help them organize and execute the event to perfection.

Various rituals such as haldi (turmeric application), mehandi (henna application) and sangeet (folk and bollywood music and chorus singing) are organized that create a traditional wedding atmosphere at the house or wedding site. Relatives, friends and acquaintances gather around and take part in these rituals with all their zeal and build up a festive spirit in the air.

  • The Baraat (The groom’s procession)

This may come as a surprise for those not well-acquainted with nuptial ceremonies in India. In a typical Indian baraat, the groom arrives at the wedding site (usually the bride’s home) on a decorated horse or on a car fully decorated with flowers.
The most prominent aspect of baraat is the band party playing loud music and groom’s friends and relatives dancing happily on the melodious tunes. The beat of the drums, flashing lights, dancing people and cracker blasts make the procession flamboyant and emphatic. The procession proceeds slowly and reaches its destination (the bride’s place), where the people from bride’s side greet the groom’s party and welcome them with garlands and sprinkles of rose water.

  • The Jaimala

The Jaimala (Garland exchange) is a typical ceremony of an Indian wedding that marks the wedding show. It symbolizes that the bride and groom have chosen one another as life partners and they are proclaiming it in public by garlanding each other on a beautifully decorated dais. Special flower garlands, extra showy chairs for the bride and groom, beautiful attires of the bride as well as the groom, and the bride’s maids in all their lovely dresses, naughty remarks and giggles make this event extremely charming and worth watching.

  • The Wedding Party – Food And More Food

Wedding Party

Here comes the real enjoyment for many and the epitome of the function, the extravagant feast. Various types of delicacies, specially prepared sweets, cocktail drinks and numerous food stalls all beautifully lit and decorated serve rich Indian food for the guests. Food is one thing that most of the guests have a opinion about.

  • The Saat Pheras, Vermilion And The Bidai

These are terms that are often used during this holy matrimonial event. The saat pheras (circling around a fire seven times by the bride and groom amid the enchantments of mantras by the priest) and application of vermilion on the hairline at the forehead of the bride by the groom demonstrates that the bride and groom are now wife and husband. The next comes the turn of bidai ceremony when the groom takes his bride from the wedding scene to begin a new life. The bride’s parents and relatives bid farewell to the bride and groom with a heavy heart and extend their best wishes to the newlywed couple.
The wedding cards, mithai and milani are some other aspects of the grand affair that do deserve a mention. To appreciate the complete panorama of the event, once must not only attend it, but also participate in the blockbuster event!

Summary: The big fat Indian wedding is an event families and friends look forward to a mighty cocktail of various traditional flavors along with modern eccentricities. Read on to find out what the pomp and show all about.

The splendor of Gold and its unique place in an Indian Wedding

Gold and weddings are entwined in the Indian minds. No wonder every parent wants their daughter to wear gold on their wedding day, and every bride-to-be wants to be blessed with its Midas touch on one of the most important days of their lives.

A Golden Tradition
The golden association of gold and weddings in India has been there for thousands of years. Starting as a religious and cultural practice this tradition has now assumed a global proportion. So much so that the demand for gold in the Indian market drives the world price of the yellow metal just short of China.

Traditional Wedding Concept

The Golden Artistry
The country has a vast pool of talented artists and skilled workers who painstakingly create unique and beautiful works of art in Gold. Each piece is unique and custom made for the buyer. Although there are ready made pieces available in the market, most Indian brides would rather go for one of a kind pieces designed mostly by them or close family members. Jewellery designers are also approached to create stunning pieces of jewellery themed around the wedding day and the bride’s clothing -ensemble.

Phoolon ki Jewelry

Weave it in the Golden Safety Net
Be it the bridal outfits, the ornaments or the gifts, gold can be magnificently incorporated without a glitch. Every parent wants their daughter to look the most beautiful on their wedding day and also to have gold as a security. This is an age-old trend and holds true for people across all income groups. Many like to gift gold to their daughters so that they have a financial safety blanket when they enter a new phase in their lives.

The Golden Opportunity
No matter how much we scoff at extravagant weddings in the country, there is no doubt that these weddings also generate jobs and earnings for a large pool of people. From the ornament makers to the clothing designers, weavers to the workers creating beautiful ‘mandaps’, and the artists crafting beautiful arrangements in flowers to be served; each and every aspect needs skilled hands and talented designers.

Modern Wedding Decoration Ideas

With 20 golden years in wedding planning and event management, FNP Weddings and events incorporate all the traditional skills and present them with a modern outlook. The team takes care of all the aspect of your wedding or personal event with utmost professionalism and dedication. Whether it is a designer or a destination wedding, the goal is to create something that will reflect your personality, sensitivity and inimitable chic within your financial boundaries.

Breathtaking Inspirations for Wedding Themes

There’s no crystal ball that dictates the trend for wedding themes. These are largely based on what’s selling out there and what’s not. This year saw gold in plenty. More than that, the vintage took a twist with Woodstock theme taking over. The Cowboys came back with a bang, and the food hangings offered value for money. Find out what else made it to the top list of wedding themes this season.

Wedding Themes

Drones are in Vogue

Couples today are experimenting with photography like never before. Credit it to the rage Instagram and FB has created, pictures definitely speak more words. Taking this trend notches higher (literally) are Drone Cameras.

They are a hit as they not only make weddings feel like celebrity set ups, but they also give a bird’s eye view of the entire setting. This is a great way to capture the real essence of the wedding as the camera hovers on the top without any disturbance.

Drones have outfitted cameras in no time. They document weddings with an aerial perspective.
So all those personal moments are captured well. These usually start at Rs 20,000. The prices go up with quality.

Wedding Decoration

Wild West Theme

Wild West Theme for Wedding

Call it India’s obsession with the West or just the dire need for something different, big leather accents and ranches are making it to the wedding decor headlines. The details like rustic ranch with relaxed lounges, wildflower bouquets and a personal elevated style are doing the rounds. Everything from leather to suede, romancing accents and craft beers form this theme.

Woodstock Vibe & Boho

Ever heard of the boho-chic music festival Coachella? Well, you can bring it home to your wedding decor. Think laid-back settings. Think quirky kitsch. Think Festive. Think Bohemian Wedding. This is essentially a bohemian style decor with cocktail lounges and festive feel.

For a more sexy feel of the 70s, Woodstock is making waves. They are all about subtle tones, the browns, hats, music and more. Nothing formal about it.

Unexpected Venues

How about a walk into the woods for your wedding? No kidding. More couples today are looking for unexpected spots for their wedding venue. Everything from castles, forts and even museums along with estates with green boulevards are making it big. And the decor is taken care of in a way that it’s nothing short of luxurious.

Everything from muted gold and soft colours is becoming popular. Weddings are all about extravagance. So everything that triggers that notion is making it big. When you want the best wedding themes, take your inspiration from the life around you and the decor experts will do the rest.

Description: In the new world, the inspiration for contemporary weddings is emanating from the most interesting places. The world is experimenting with some spectacular trends. And the shaadi decor is getting grander than ever before. Here’s a little piece on what makes these wedding breathtaking themes kick.

10 Awesome Tips to Plan a Perfect Menu for your Big Fat Indian Wedding

So, finally the date for the big fat Indian wedding has been fixed and the preparations are on with frenzy. The food at the wedding is what makes the event most memorable. Here are 10 awesome tips
Most guests who come to a wedding look forward to enjoying a sumptuous spread of delicacies. This is one of the main reasons why planning a menu for a wedding is considered to be such a tricky task.

wedding food menu
Even if you choose the best caterer in town, the chances are that you will be overwhelmed with the choices given to you. But, fret no more. Here are some tips that will make planning a perfect menu for your Big Fat Indian wedding a breeze.

  • Choosing the Cuisine
    The first thing that you need to finalise is the cuisine that you want for your wedding. With a number of choices from Indian to Mughlai, Chinese to Italian, the options are unending. You can choose one cuisine or more than one, as per your preference and budget. Also make up your mind whether you want a non-vegetarian spread or would be happy with a vegetarian buffet.
  • Budget Planning
    An equally important thing to be taken into consideration is the budget. It always helps to have a clear idea of the amount that you are willing to spend on food for the wedding. This makes it easier to plan the menu.
  • Season Matters
    Don’t forget to consider the season in which the wedding will be held as this would give you a better idea as what all you should include in the menu. For summer weddings, it would be a good idea to opt for cool beverages and ice creams. Steer clear of anything that contains milk as it could easily go sour in the summer heat. For winter weddings, include soups and warm desserts in the menu.
  • Guest List Preparation
    Do you have a guest list for your wedding? Prepare it before planning the menu. Also, include the number of guests from the groom’s side. This will help you to stay well within your budget while planning the menu.
  • Consider Guests’ Preferences
    It would be a good idea to take into consideration what the guests might like to eat. Play it safe by including some regional dishes as well as some popular ones so that everyone finds something to suit their taste.
  • Choosing the Starters
    As they say, the first impression is the last impression. So make a wise decision when choosing starters. It is okay to have lesser options but make sure you sample them before finalising them. Opt for popular starters that would appeal to everyone’s plate. Add a few novel ones to wow your guests. Plant a few finger foods in the menu that the guests can relish with their drinks.
  • wedding food tiny burger

  • Healthy Options
    Today most people are health conscious and hence more and more people prefer healthy foods like fruits and salads. So it would be a good idea to include a few cold and warm salads in your menu. Make sure they are freshly cut and covered, as raw salads tend to go bad in summers or monsoons. For drinks, you can serve coconut water and jalzeera drinks for those who count calories.
  • Deciding the Main Course
    Be extra careful when deciding on the main course. Make sure that the spread is an impressive one with a variety of dishes. Don’t forget to include your traditional dishes in the menu for everyone to savor.
  • food tasting

  • Indian Breads
    There are different types of Indian breads that you will come across when you plan the menu. Make sure that you are well acquainted with these and then decide on the ones that you feel are apt for the wedding.
  • Naans

  • Sweet Varieties
    In spite of counting the calories, guests look forward to indulging in sweets at a wedding. So, include different varieties of sweets for the guests. And don’t forget the ever loved ice cream, irrespective of the weather. Keep the children in mind and create some interesting sweets for them like cupcakes or chocolate fountains.
  • Indian sweets

These tips would surely have made planning for the menu for your wedding much easier. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan that menu today. Enjoy the wedding.

Wedding Special: 5 glamorous bun hairstyles for the Indian bride

Wedding is an important affair in a girl’s life. On this special day, every girl wants to look beautiful, glamorous, and stylish. When it comes to the style of the bride, hairstyle is one important aspect that can’t be ignored. A perfect bun hairstyle can transform the entire look of the bride.

For Indian weddings, there are several styles of bun, which can literally steal the show. Following are five examples of such buns:

  • High textured bun
    This bun style best suits the bride in traditional weddings. This is a kind of “top knot” style, which can be best suited with a veil. If the bride intends to wear heavy jewelry like head chains, then this hairstyle can best complement the ornaments. For giving a finishing touch to this bun, you can fasten it with transparent clips, and wear a glamorous tiara.

  • Double twisted bun
    If you closely watch the latest fashions in the hairstyle domain, then you can see that braids are gradually gearing up again. If anyone plans to have a braid-like hairstyle in the wedding, then the double twisted bun is the obvious choice. This hairstyle uses a combination of two braids and then tying the braids in the form of a bun. This bun has to be finished with a band, and it needs to be secured by pins.

  • Wrap-bun
    If your hair is thick and long, then it may prove to be difficult for you to manage the hair for a long time, and especially during the wedding day. If you want a timeless hairstyle, which is fashionable, secure, and very easy to manage, then Wrap-bun is the obvious choice. For giving a stylish finishing touch to this bun, you can leave some hair to fall on your face. It will add more appeal to the entire hairstyle.

  • Classic Doughnut bun
    If the hairstyle turns out to be a mess at any point of time during the occasion then the entire look can go for a toss. In such situations, classic doughnut bun may be a life saver. This particular hairstyle does not take much of effort, is very easy to manage, and even a little piece of stylish hairpin can look gorgeous on this bun.

  • Side-bun
    When a slight change in the position can add to the style and glory, then such kind of hairstyles should never be avoided. With outward curls in the hair, this bun is made either in right or left side of the head. This type of bun is extremely fashionable, and perhaps one of the very few hairstyles, which can go well with both wedding gowns and sarees.

There are numerous other designs of bun, which are perfect for a wedding ceremony. If you feel confused about selecting the best option for you, then you can contact FNP Weddings & Events. They are one of the best wedding planners in Delhi. With the help of their team of experts, they can make your wedding day as the best and most memorable day of your life.

Image Credits: BookBeautyNow, iberetta, CuteGirlsHairstyles, JmlDirect, Raku5

Diet Tips for Brides-to-be, Glow like a Star on your Wedding Day

The day wedding dates are fixed, the bride-to-be starts getting anxious. It is all about how I will look on that special day. And one aspect that requires special attention is the skin. Yes owing to the kind of professional stress and exposure to pollution, the facial skin tends to worn out. So the first task is to start caring for the skin and adopt things that will make your skin glow like a sun on the day of the wedding.

Skin management requires a lot of effort and it is advisable to have expert guidance. Based on the preference, visit a skin specialists or a branded Spa Saloon to decide on a regime. These experts will help you in understanding the skin type, treatment required and duration of treatment. To get desired results it is imperative to follow the tips.

Diet Tips for Brides

Here are some time tested tips that brides-to-be can use to get that lovely glow:

Plan diet chart

Eating right is the way to nurture the skin. Try to include loads of fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is also advisable to have smaller meals so that the body gets time to digest the food. Eating right is the way to nurture the skin. Try to include loads of fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is also advisable to have smaller meals so that the body gets time to digest the food. Go for foods rich in Vitamin A, E and C, as this will help you achieve healthier skin. Eating healthy only makes your skin glow and you could also kick-off a few kilos too

Start working out in a gym or home

The benefits of exercising cannot be overlooked. A nice work out session will help in achieving a fitter body and a glowing skin together. Attend a gym, play a sport, do yoga or simply walk – this will help in improving blood circulation, removing toxics (sweat) and help the body to come in shape. So it’s like getting two benefits from one regime.

Sleep well and right

Don’t get stressed out, instead just learn to relax. Sleep well and on time. Chuck those late night working hours or television time. Just make it a point to get adequate sleep else get those dark circles under the eyes.

Go to a nice Saloon

These days Saloons and Spa offer bridal beauty enhancement packages. They offer amazing beauty services that help in making the bride-to-be look good. Looking at individual requirement, Spa expert will suggest the number of facials, clean up and bleach sessions required. One also gets massages and therapies for hair, skin, feet, hands and nails. It is a complete body makeover that one can achieve using these beauty services.

Professional Wedding Planners

But still if there is still some confusion then brides-to-be can seek help of professional wedding planners like FNP Weddings & Events. The company offer all sorts of professional help and are one of the best names when it comes to wedding planning and execution. With a proficient and experienced team, they help families to make the most of this biggest celebration in the life of their children.

Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations in India

wedding Destinations in India

India is a naturally beautiful country and presents many idyllic and cultural locales to choose from for a wedding destination. Be it a summer wedding or winter event, people like to select exotic locations like royal palaces, beaches, lush green vegetated places, etc.
Before you plan for a wedding destination, let us have a glimpse at ten expensive wedding destinations in India.

Wedding Decorators in Goa

Goa- Being the land of sun-kissed beaches and ‘full of life’ local flavour, Goa is an ideal wedding destination chosen by many people. Beach resorts like The-leela (situated on the picturesque Morbor beach), Ramada caravela and Zuri White sand serve as a lavish and luxurious option for the grand event. Hire one of the known wedding decorators in Goa, to ensure your event captures the right essence of the city.

Jaipur Rambagh Palace

Jaipur-The Pink city offers beautiful options for a blue blood wedding. Raj mahal palace, Jai mahal and Ram baugh palace present some fine options. These royal palaces present the ideal backdrop for a majestic ceremony.
Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad-The city of Nawabs, is an ideal option for a couple that wants a bent towards the Nawabi culture and want to imbibe it in their wedding event. Taj Falaknuma gives a fairytale -like setting with its huge fountains, pillar statues and large Venetian chandeliers.

Agra-The city on the bank of Yamuna , which houses the symbol of love ‘ Taj Mahal’ is an ultimate destination to tie the nuptial knot. Venues like The Oberoi Amarvilas, Mughal Sheraton are few extravagant options in Agra as wedding destinations. Many couples hire wedding decorators in Agra, who enable them to essay the romance of the moonlit Taj Mahal in their weddings.

Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur-The royal city presents Umaid bhawan and other palaces like Ajit bhawan and Ranbanka bhawan as a great destination for lavish royal weddings.

Sainik farms- Known to be a classic option for the affluent class in and around Delhi, Sainik farms is famous for hosting grand weddings and other events. It has been showcased in many bollywood movies as a lavish wedding destination.

Zuri Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kerala- If you want go for a serene, picturesque and quiet destination for wedding, Zuri Kumarakom is a great option. It is not only grand and luxurious but a perfect tropical landscape with a beautiful lake and coconut trees in the background.

Palace Grounds, Bangalore- This palace located in Bangalore, built by Rev. Garett, is an elegant but rich option for wedding destination in the city.

Alibaugh beach, Mumbai- Alibaugh, being a coastal town in Konkan region of Maharshtra serves as a beautiful option for elite class of Marathi families with roots in Konkan.
Make sure you choose a location that suits both your personal style and budget. Hire a professional service to ensure your wedding becomes a memorable event!

Finalizing Wedding Invitations? Remember These 6 Things!

If you thought a wedding invitation is just about a simple card and an envelope think again. The first glimpse into your wedding event should be magical, with a potential to create an impression among the invited guests, such that they become super excited to be a part of the celebration.

If the nuptials are being held in the capital city, a little assistance of a wedding theme designer in Delhi will take the edge off the process and make magic happen for you. Before you finalize the wedding invitations here are 6 things you need to remember.

Wedding Invitations

  • 1. Envision your Wedding Day: How do you want your wedding day to look and feel? You should be clear whether you want a traditional, lavish, sophisticated, fun or a romantic wedding. Next comes your taste and style. Do you lean towards subtle and understated, or vibrant and bold? Tell the designer about what you envisioned for your dream wedding and he/she will help you create perfect design for the wedding invite.

Wedding Invitations

  • 2. Color palette: Are you keen on a particular color or colors that you want to incorporate into your invitations? If you have any specific hues in mind that you’d love to include in your invitations and accompanying gifts, provide the professional designers the samples or swatches of the same to make your perfect wedding invitation. Hire a favoured Wedding photographer in Delhi and ensure that the theme is known to them as well so that they can create the right visuals for pre-wedding photography.
  • 3. Other Features: See, touch and feel a variety of sample cards to make the right decisions regarding the features of your wedding invite. Many couples prefer a reply card to get an idea about their guest list. In addition, details like a reception card, directions card, a small booklet with information about the ceremony, order of events can be included.
  • 4. Number of invitations: Keep in mind the number of guests that you would like to invite. Given that guest lists have a way of growing suddenly and at the last minute, always order extra invitation cards. If you run out of invites, the cost of ordering a small number later can turn out to be as expensive as the initial order.
  • 5. Mail invites on time: Invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks before the auspicious occasion. This will give your guests ample time to respond and you will get a fair idea about the head count much in advance.

Wedding Invitations

  • 6. Budget: Retailers often showcase high-end wedding invitations with frills and accessories. Get acquainted with the costs of various printing methods, add-ons etc. Look at several options, trust your own instincts, and then decide on a wedding invitation that is within your budget and reflects your personal style.

All this may seem a bit intimidating and overwhelming at the outset. However, working out the modalities of the wedding card with the help of a professional designer can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience. Just mull over the above pointers one at a time with your designer, and you will soon find an invitation card concept that suits you best.

9 Amazing Fun Ideas For Your Big Fat Indian Wedding

We all dream to make our wedding an awesome event to remember. We spend a lot of money on food, drinks, decorations, photographers, etc. Why not try some experiment with them and infuse some real fun into your wedding. Here are some smart and nifty ideas that will let you and your guests enjoy your wedding to the fullest.


10 To-Dos for organizing your wedding Reception

These days the scope of wedding is not limited as a ceremony between two individuals, rather it has become a social event for the two families. Like any other social event, wedding also needs to be organized and well planned. Wedding organizers can help you to organize a grand wedding and post-functions.

Wedding Reception Ideas
We have found some ideas that will help you to organize your wedding reception in a professional style.

List of 10 To-Dos for organizing your wedding Reception in a better way

  • Budget: Wedding usually requires a lot of expenditure from both bridal side and groom side. Thus, it is always better to plan your event according to your budget and break it according to the segments of events. Make yourself aware about the budget you have planned for every small event.
  • Guest List: In normal wedding, we have a long guest list of guets, generally 500+ Prepare your guest list beforehand and plan events according to that list. In this generation, the need of wedding organizers is increasing because they can handle your guests properly.
  • Time Scheduling: Wedding, in spite of one event, is synergy and composition of small events known as pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals. It is important to schedule your entire program according to your suitable time.
  • Catering: Good food is equally important in any wedding. So, don’t forget to make a proper arrangement, ensuring the sufficiency of food in a wedding reception. Make sure that you provide enough of raw material to your caterer so that none of your component falls short.
  • Stage Decoration: Stage, is a center-most place where the main ceremony is organized. Hence, an exquisite stage decoration is must. In case, any problem arises with the decoration part, you can hire wedding organizers for it.
  • Venue: After deciding on your guest list and budget, decide a venue for wedding. While deciding for the venue consider things, like power Backup, general facilities, dining area etc.
  • Officiate: In marriages, we generally call officiates who conduct all rituals according to certain procedures. Make sure your officiate is well aware about the marriages and a way to conduct it. In secular marriages, magistrate is an officiate.
  • Photographer: To capture memories and blissful moments, hire a knowledgeable photographer. A well-versed photographer knows the art of capturing beautiful candid shots. Wedding organizers have well trained photographers in their team, who can nicely record and capture every unforgettable moment.
  • No Unnecessary Rituals: There are a lot of rituals which are not so necessary in a wedding and are highly time consuming. So, its better to identify those rituals and trim them off the plan. It would save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.
  • Proper Planning: Again well planning is half the battle won. So, plan your wedding as a series of events like wedding organizers do. It would help you to save your energy and keep yourself all jazzed up to enjoy the event.

So, whether it’s your wedding, or post-wedding function, like reception, it is very necessary to take care of these important things.
Happy Wedding!

5 Ways to Plan your Wedding within your Budget

Wedding is the most awaited and memorable moment for anyone. Along with the bride and the groom, it is an important event for their families too. In present era, the scope of wedding has changed a lot and it has become more than a traditional ceremony between two families, marriage is nowadays treated as a social event for everyone. Everyone expects their marriage to become a grand affair, but we all are not able to afford same kind of expenses. Well, in such a case, how can we make perfect wedding arrangements within the budget constraint? Let’s take a look at the 5 topmost modern wedding decoration ideas which can make your wedding, a great affair, under budget.


5 Topmost Modern Wedding Decoration Ideas

a) Division of expenses

In Finland, a proverb is very famous- “Well-Planning is half done”, thus plan and divide your expenses efficiently and effectively. Search for unnecessarily increased costs and cut them. While planning, make list according to importance of the things. Keep the most important things on the top while least important things at the bottom. Try to plan your wedding like a traditional wedding decorators.

b) Lavishness

In a country like India, wedding is a major social event where people try their best to showcase their social status. However, it could be done up to a certain level, but beyond that level it becomes hard to bear expenses. So, puta strict control on useless things. Cope with the basic requirements of the marriage, first.

c) Reception

Generally people spend a huge portion of their money on reception (approximately 50%-60%) and try to make it as grand as possible. Remember reception is a segment which is more than enough to disturb your budget so just focus on necessary items.

d) Gifts

Generally after reception, families spent huge sum of money on Gifts and deliverables. Make a proper list of guests whom you want to gift. Make sure whom you have to gift? After deciding on the list, check your budget, and choose your gift accordingly. Usually, people buy gifts and then focus on the list of guests and quantity of gift pieces required. This practice of frivolous expenditure proves as a biggest disturbing element, affecting your budget.

e) Precise and Compact

Alike any social event, you can spend money on marriages without any limit, but actually this limitless expenditure needs a limit. Thus focus on important areas, and plan according to that. Cut every unnecessary small expenditure and don’t spend to show off!

You may want every possible things of universe in your marriage, but it is neither possible nor practical. Hence, only focus on important expenses that would not disturb your budget.

You can also lookout for the help of professional wedding planners and efficient wedding decorators to plan your marriage within budget.

7 Decoration Ideas for your Big Fat Wedding – FNP Weddings

Decoration in any wedding ceremony is one of the most important factors. Decoration of wedding contemplates your wedding theme. Every pair demands an idiosyncratic decoration design for their wedding ceremony. Here we will tell you about the 7 most followed decoration ideas in Indian weddings by the wedding decorators of India:

  • Flower Decoration: Floral decoration in your wedding is a first part of the decoration that leaves a good mark on your guests. Generally, wedding planners in India cover almost every flower from Victorian rose to the Indian ‘Genda.’
  • Decoration Accessories: Decoration accessories are a major segment and cover almost everything required for decoration. The segment might include crystals, candles, curtains, garlands and a huge array of other wedding props.
  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers are the most important and significant thing in your wedding and looks very attractive with proper use. Marriage planners can provide a huge variety of chandeliers. They also know that chandeliers are efficient and effective in use. Any solemnity under the lights of a crystal based designed chandelier is prominent and indelible event.
  • Wedding Props: Wedding decorations can be made more lively and fun through the use of wedding props. They include a huge range of articles, from lamps to wedding trees, table tops to lights, and look very elegant and decent. Decoration is a paramount in marriage and wedding props play a significant role in the decoration of a big fat wedding.
  • Attractive Wedding Lights: Lightning system breathes an actual life into the wedding décor. It plays a major role in setting your mood. Traditional Wedding Decorators are well versed with the use of lights. Generally, a wedding decoration includes multiple work of lights like: table lighting, wall lighting, vase lighting, twinkling lighting, firework lighting, wire tension lighting, flower lights on tree tops, candle lighting, oil lamps, hanging lighting, cascading of bulbs, and pool lighting.
  • Furniture: Furniture is an accessory which contributes significantly on deciding the theme of a wedding. A graceful and elegant furniture, either made out of metal or wood, is supreme among all the other factors of decoration. Every premier and expert wedding designer offers a broad collection of furniture available with them, depending upon different various themes.
  • Floral Accessories: Indian weddings have a long convention of adorning the wedding venue as well as the spouse with flowers. These days even bride like to embellish themselves with different kind of accessories, such as floral jewellery. Bollywood most loved super stars like Shilpa Shetty and Aishwariya Rai Bacchan had donned floral jewelry on their wedding day. Flower accessories have other important aspects, for example, they are used to decorate the baggi of car as well.
  • So, if the wedding bells are ringing at your home, you can use this guide and make your wedding decorations the talk of the town!


Wedding is the most awaited ceremony in one’s life. Along with Bride and groom it is paramount for their families too. What are those things that can make any wedding better? In this era of wedding planners, wedding has become more than a traditional ceremony. It has now become a foremost event that everyone wants to remember. Here are top 7 things that make Indian weddings worth cherishing forever:


  • Camera Shots:
    Nowadays, you cannot imagine your wedding without any camera clicks! To gather memories in a proper shape, great clicks contribute a lot! In today epoch of modernization where wedding planners and wedding decorators come into picture to make your wedding beautiful and extraordinary. They have well trained professional photographers in their team. So, if you are planning to hire a wedding decorator then could be free from the tension of a good camera man.
  • Wedding Decoration:
    No matter how well you adorn the venue there is always a room for doubt in your heart if everything is up to the mark or not. You may at times lack to manage certain things on decoration part. And, that is the reason people generally call professional wedding decorator to contribute in decorations. The professionals are very innovative and they provide probably the best designs according to your budget. The best part about hiring wedding designer is that you don’t need to worry that about how you would get the resources.
  • Delicious Food:
    Deciding on the menu, is one of the most tedious wedding preparation tasks. But Wedding organizers makes this a piece of cake. Gone are the days when you have to search for cook and provide him the resources for cooking, and also watch him time to time. Now if you hire any wedding planner you would only required to decide the menu and inform them about your guest list. Rest you can comfortably leave up to the planners.
  • Music and Dance:
    Indian marriages are a much of social affair and it cannot do without music and dance. Wedding organizers can go arrange for orchestra, Wedding Bands, Singers, Classical Instrumentalist, and Folk Dancers etc., as per your choice.
  • Pre-Wedding Rituals:
    Pre Wedding Rituals like Haldi, Mehndi etc. are very much significant in Indian wedding. These functions might be small but require lot of careful detailing. Wedding Planners can take care of these things better because they organize such events quite often.
  • Guest List and Invitation Cards:
    In India we believe in the concept of ‘athithi devo bhava.’ Hence, it becomes important for us to please every guests and take care of their needs. Though during the functions it becomes really difficult for us to attend each guest. But these experts can easily please them by their hospitality. Also, wedding invitation cards are the first thing that makes impression on your guests. So, they could help you to choose a card, according to the wedding theme, that would be appreciated by one and all.
  • Wedding Themes:
    Have you ever noticed any variations in the wedding organized by same wedding planner? Actually, it is the wedding theme which decides the appearance of any wedding. Marriage decorators are experts in designing wedding theme. So, you can easily avail their help and make your wedding look much different!

So, a wedding planner is the one who can seize and store your wedding moments in your lifetime memories. Happy Wedding!

How to Hire A Destination Wedding Planner in India

Planning about Indian wedding is not a child’s play. Indian marriages are huge affairs and its planning involves endless details, deadlines, family drama, and far too often enough stress to make you want to just elope. Well, wedding is a blissful time, moments to cherish forever, you deserve to fill it with loads of memories and nothing else.

What about the preparations? Don’t worry, rest of things would be taken care of, by FNP Weddings! We are wedding and event planners, helping you to execute your dream marriage into a reality. From scratch till end, we remain thoroughly involved with our clients to make their wedding an everlasting memory. First step: settle on a budget, and then get started planning with right tools, and tips to help you every step of the way. We advice you on your wedding destination, venue, photographer, settling on a wedding style, shopping for various important items, finalizing your guest list, determining catering bar and costs, and a host of other details.

We are actually regarded as the best destination wedding planners in India. With FNP wedding, you can absolutely sure about a perfect wedding plan. Here are some of our secrets, revealed to reassure you that you are selecting the best wedding planners in India. If not even us, these secrets will still help you every time to hire the best of all wedding planners. Take a close look:

  • WE GIVE YOU THE VALUE FOR MONEY- It is not always a good idea to go with the cheapest wedding planner, rather go with the one who offers you a value for money deal. FNP, provides a dedicated service and has years of experience to successfully execute variety of styles weddings. After all, experience matters!
  • WE OFFER MANY IDEAS, WE ARE INSPIRING AND CREATIVE- If you are hiring a wedding planner, you deserve to get those brilliant ideas that will add a ‘wow’ factor to your wedding. Listening to your aspirations and taking notes on your budget, our team of expert wedding planners give you many spectacular ideas by minute. We are creative enough to make sure that we make the most of your budget and amaze all your guests with great wedding arrangements.
  • WE DO NOT FRAUD- Well, if you are choosing your wedding planner you might need to take care of this thing darn seriously. There are some planners who only recommend those vendors with whom they get a commission, inconsiderate of the fact if they are actually good or not. Whereas, we at FNP, give you numerous choices, we bring before you the list of great quality vendors. It is ultimately you who decide on whose services need to be picked.

These points will guide you on how to select your destination wedding planner in India. So no matter if you are planning your wedding in your own city or some other exotic place, your wedding planner should possess these qualities like we do.

Book your wedding planners at FNP weddings, we cater to you the long list of wedding destinations not just in India, as well as abroad. Come and enjoy with us your wedding destination- either national or international, and create a magical wedding experience.

Bali Wedding Decorators

Love is the most beautiful feeling anyone can ever experience. It is even more special when it comes to making a commitment, which is the ‘D-day’. It is a solemn promise that both bride and groom make to each other. This day marks the beginning of a new chapter of your life Wedding preparations have many aspects to be looked after which need an expert’s attention and here comes the need of wedding planners. Everything from photographer to caterers need the some special attention and wedding planners are just perfect for these things. They are like angels sent by god to help you out on this special day.

For this day to be ‘a dream come true day’, the venue needs to be special as well. Bali is just perfect for this day with a romantic wide expanse of white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. In Bali you will be enthralled by the warm Indonesian welcome, hospitality and grace. Bali has some very beautiful landscapes and more beautiful hotels in its vicinity to retreat to. Here are some wedding venues in Bali:

  • Dreamland Beach : The Dreamland Beach, has the most beautiful expanse of sand and surf. This makes for a beautiful sunset wedding if you are planning one.
  • The Mangrove : This area is perfect, as the foliage makes a beautiful background and getting married in the open garden will truly be enjoyable for all. You can have beautiful white canopies with white candles… all the trimmings of a “white wedding”.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana : This is a giant statue of the Hindu gods Vishnu and Garuda. You can use this as your focal point and the wedding decorator or you can plan the whole wedding area around this statue.
  • Cruise Ship : There are many cruises you can book yourself and your family and friends on and you can enjoy a beautiful wedding catered to by the ship’s crew.

Wedding decorators also play a vital role in creating an exotic ambience, with the venue. many couples prefer theme wedding these days which is incomplete without perfect decorations. Infact in these kind of wedding the decoration is the key ingredient without which the aura of that wedding is lost. In order to have a well coordinated, perfect wedding, it is essential that the decorations you choose abide well with the theme you have chosen.
What colours you choose is considered to be one of the most important decisions to make, in order to get the right theme to come out. The colours should go with the venue of the wedding. Likewise it should also be kept in mind that it is a traditional wedding or something more informal and casual. This will help determine the kind of wedding decorations needed in order to get the look right. Your wedding attire should also be properly coordinated so that it would not clash with the other aspects of the decor.

Wedding Themes And Concepts

The wedding is the most major milestone in a person’s life. The planning for the pre wedding through to the main event and the post wedding is immaculate. Wedding planners offer new and innovative wedding themes and concepts which provide an unforgettable experience. Wedding planners specialize in fantasy, regal, fairytale or Bollywood themes. The wedding can be customized according to your fancy. In today’s world clients often focus on one of a kind themes to make their weddings unique. These fascinating themes range from the conventional to the avante garde and post modern.

Theme weddings are known to be the ultimate crowd pleasers. The foremost wedding theme designer in India forge bonds with with critically acclaimed international designers to keep abreast of the latest trends in design. Their influential tie ups have left an indelible mark on the industry.  The talented planners also undertake some challenging and fabulous weddings abroad, where they have a palpable presence. Their teams are often comprised of highly motivated and talented designers such as JJ Valya, Sumant  Jayakrishnan, Tarun Tahiliani, Shikha Thareja and Bunty Agarwal, Preston Bailey, Rob Van Helden, Daniel Ost, Robert Koene. Their unique and talented teams meet success at every venture.

Here are some themes that our wedding planners love to implement:
+Tribal Land
+ Goan Theme
+ Indian Mela Theme
+ Fusion: Sea/Mist Green.
+ Fusion: Red & Black.
+ Fusion: Blue & Silver.
+ Fusion: White & Gold.
+ Peacock Theme
+ Roman Theme
+ Mauli Theme
Bazaar Mein Daawat
+ Rangila Punjab
+ Guajarati Dhang
+ Marwari Mela
+ Rajasthani Raj
+ Candle Light
+ Fairy Land
+ Jungle
+ Egyptian
+ Las Vegas

Themed weddings are a new concept that has taken the wedding market by storm. They are a blend of reality and fantasy and make the occasion much more memorable. The concept has been popular in the west and has recently gained popularity in India. Themed weddings are popular with guests and hosts alike as they fuse modern, unconventional ideas with the traditional. Wedding planners excel in delivering the ultimate theme weddings that will entrance worldwide audiences.

Choosing a wedding theme is a great way to create a cohesive look and feel at the joyous event. The theme has to be selected early on in the planning process to guide all your design and fashion decisions. A strong theme is also convenient for your wedding vendors as they come up with your cake, menu and decorations. You could attempt something as simple as “classic elegance “ or make it much more complex. You probably have a good idea of how you want your wedding to feel. Casual or formal , you could decide on your style well in advance and make a spectacular wedding concept out of it.

End-to-End Flower Decoration Services

It is quite unimaginable when you think of coordinating your own personal events as there are lots of emotions or sentiments involved. And, add to this is that time and energy is quite low. As one of the reckoned wedding planners and decorators, we at FNP Weddings offer the best in-class service of Flower Decoration in Marriage as per your desired needs and requirements. We have a special team, which makes sure that all the services are rendered in the best possible manner. With our years of expertise in this domain, we help to manage and execute your dreams and aspirations into reality.

Counted amidst the renowned wedding decorators and event planners all across India, we understand the business of flowers. Hence, we make sure that we render this service of Flower Decoration in Marriage in the best possible manner. You choose any wedding venue and make sure that we transform it to a paradise on earth with the use of the choicest flowers. We source the choicest blooms from the eminent florists all across the world. Intricately designed table tops and beautiful bridal bouquets convey the essence of holy matrimony.

Apart from this, we, FNP Weddings specialize in designing & offering floral jewelry and service to decorate the Bride. Our blooms fill the air with an amazing fragrance, which brings smile on every guest’s face. If you are looking for the most exotic and expressive flower decorations, FNP Weddings are the desired and perfect destination for you.

It is true that exotic flowers titivate the look of any wedding ceremony and our team of dexterous wedding designers makes sure to bedazzle it. Being the marriage planners, we render the professional guidance to guide you through the not so easy task of managing your own wedding. With our efforts, we strive to create a wedding, which not only reflect your personality but also your style and taste within a specific budget. We make every special effort to render our service in the best possible way and hence, bring joy to millions of hearts. We strive to exceed expectations while working within a budget.

So if you want to see your wedding venue as beautiful as a heaven, we are the perfect destination for you.

Innovative Reception Decoration Ideas

Indian weddings are famous all across the globe for its grandeur and extravaganza. Indian weddings traditions and customs have a long history which adds rich meaning and fun memories and moments to your weddings. After the long spree of non-traditional and modern weddings, traditional weddings have found their way back in the fashion ladder. People are back to the roots- traditional weddings decorations are gaining popularity again.

Wedding DecorationOne of the biggest decisions in one’s life is to find the perfect match for oneself and marry that person. Wedding is the most memorable day of one’s life and it should be perfect. To make this day perfect, people hire wedding planners who have tons of experience after arranging numerous weddings. It does not matter that we live in a modern and a westernized world, but still on auspicious occasions like weddings, people want it to be completely traditional. They want the whole theme of the wedding to be traditional from food to attire to every little thing; it should speak of our tradition. Traditional weddings first gained their glory back in the capital city of Delhi.

The traditional wedding decorations in Delhi are now loved by all. These days’ people want to enjoy their wedding to the fullest. So, they hire traditional wedding planners who take care of all the arrangements on their behalf. You can hire a traditional wedding planner who has his expertise in arranging traditional weddings only. Wedding planner is more like your money manager as he is the one who knows how to arrange everything in the given budget.

In India, people living in the capital are really particular about the wedding decorations. They expect all the guests attending their wedding to be spell bound and mesmerized by the decorations at the wedding. You can discuss every little detail with your wedding planner and put forth your desire to have the best decoration of flowers possible. Indian traditional weddings are incomplete without the red roses and the marigolds. Flowers add the aesthetic appeal and a grounded look to the wedding. They are not even very costly. Traditional weddings are generally associated with the yellows, reds and gold’s in the color tones. Make sure to incorporate everything and make the most of your day.

To make the wedding the most memorable time of your life and to enjoy every aspect associated with your wedding, you should definitely go for a wedding planner. He will help you to realize your dream of a perfect wedding. He will show you new horizons of how beautiful your dream wedding can be. Make your special day, all the more special with traditional wedding decorations.

Innovative Reception Decoration Ideas in Delhi

Wedding is an auspicious occasion where two souls unite to be together forever. In India, it’s not just unification of two individuals, but of two families. It’s the most important day of any couples life, which they might reminiscence all their lives. They want this day to be the best day of their lifetime. They want everything to be perfect from the food to decorations of clothes. A lot of planning is involved making a perfect wedding which has given rise to a new profession called wedding planning. Wedding planners and reception decorators in Delhi are becoming more and more popular. Being a capital city of India, Delhi is known for its extravagant and grand wedding celebrations.

reception decoration

Wedding planners are people who arrange a perfect wedding theme. They know what all and how it is to be done. Whether it is wedding reception decorations, catering, venue selection or even choosing invitation cards, they know it all.

As a couple, you would want to enjoy every aspect of your wedding and take part in every celebration. It is a big day of your life and you would want to marvel at every little detail of it.  So, hiring a wedding planner is a smart choice. Once you have him on board, he will take care of all the arrangements on your behalf. You just have to sit back and enjoy your wedding, as you have a professional who will take care of everything.

Receptions decorations in Delhi are really important to people in the capital city. They are really particular about the decorations in their wedding receptions. They want it to be really beautiful. They want unique flower decorations on the reception days with flowers like roses, orchids etc.

The wedding planner will take into account your special demands and fulfill the dream of your fairytale wedding within your budget. In fact, he can give you new ideas of decoration. If you are planning to have a theme wedding, he can tell you the best possible decoration that is in tune with your theme. So, hire a wedding planner and make this day the most memorable day of your life.

Best Wedding Stage Decorators

Indian weddings are better called as events. They are altogether different considering a normal wedding ceremony of any country. They are special and grand events with rich customs, huge decorations, traditional dresses, etc. If you are trying to cover Indian weddings, then you can’t forget their great mythological rituals along with heavy embellishments. The arrangements in most Indian weddings are made to make the occasion a mega event. Apart from traditional dresses and ceremonies, you may find huge decorations almost everywhere. As you know, most Indian ceremonies are incomplete without decorations. So, special care is taken to ensure that everything is set at the right place.

wedding stage decorators

The preparations in most of the Indian weddings start way ahead of the final day itself. In making the event successful, different places are decorated with flowers and many other things, which include stage decoration, hall decoration, etc.

Now, out of so many types of decorators, wedding stage decorators is something that catches most eyeballs. It’s one of the most prominent and scared place of entire ceremony that attracts almost all guests. It’s the place where you find wedding vows being exchanged. In earlier days, stage decorations in India used to happen by following all traditional rituals and beliefs. But now, it’s decorated in a much different style and preferences.

If you look at the broader picture, then you may come across of growing and flourishing business of stage decoration around the globe. People don’t mind spending extra on stage decoration extravagantly.

People living outside India mostly prefer traditional themes that exude a unique aura, giving them homely feelings. The occasion is made more appealing by using different types of traditional props like candles, lamps, flowers, colorful drapes, etc.

Nowadays, most of the wedding stage decorations include trendy and contemporary styles with music systems and colorful amplified lights. It also includes balloons, flowers, stars, disco balls, etc. to make the occasion really nice and touchy. However, if you are unable to arrange all the decorations of your own, then you may take the help of some professional online wedding stage decorators.

Imagination or Inspiration: The Thin Line!

The world of creativity is equally guided by prolific imagination and what we call inspiration. On my professional journey as a curator of weddings, something that has continuously concerned me is the aspect of designs. In the age where Digitalism has made the entire world a small community making information accessible at a click of a button, retaining originality and protecting your intellectual property is a challenge that everyone related to the aesthetic world faces.

India has witnessed a surge of designers in the wedding industry. As we offer ourservices to Brides and Grooms in the business of conjuring marriages, everycustomer looks forward to a setting for their special day to be unique and we promise a design and decor that will be innovative and novel. But, do wealways deliver..maybe we do or maybe don’t. I constantly check with my team if the proposed design is inspired by the World Wide Web. The issue of copyright troubles me because for us creating a design is a journey from a charcoal stencil to a 3D powered design, there are numerous steps involved and expensive resources deployed. FNP Weddings has been striving to bring the issue of copyright infringement into focus, our last Wedding Fraternity Meet saw a series of debates and perspectives about the same dilemma.

I am of opinion that this not just a legal issue, it is a whole lot more. It reflects on the ingenuity of an individual’s work ethics and the foundation of morality as well. Event Planners like us can take initiatives that range from brand related watermarks on all our intellectual property to registering designs.While the West has seen campaigns both in the online and offline space, about copyright and its infringements, India has a long way to go. Conventionallyspeaking designers can seek protection under intellectual property regimes including copyright rights, dedicated design laws, and unfair design competition. Though we have the Indian Design Act in place but in a sector like weddings which is still taking baby steps from being an unorganized sector into a trade that has processes and systems in place, wehave a long way to go.

As the unsung heroes of the fraternity of weddings, it becomes the responsibility of eachindividual and designer to strike a chord with their valuable work ethics and refrain from (mal)practices that can typecast you as the ‘photoshop’ hero, an artist who is just a little too inspired. As members of the fraternity, it is our responsibility to have a mutually symbiotic relationship without breaching the thin line of imagination against inspiration.

Mission Marriage: The transition from Genda Phool to fresh Gladiolas!

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Over the passage of time, weddings and all associated ceremonies are planned and designed in a way that it is an everlasting joy not just for those who tie the knot but for close kin and friends as well. Gala celebrations offer people a reason to smile and a memory to cherish. Since, times immemorial the element of beauty has been inseparable from Indian weddings. The esteem in which Indian weddings are held call for celebrations that are not just resplendent but have a zest that is varied yet rich. The wedding fraternity has witnessed changes in the taste of the target audience, requests becoming more and more precise and creating a demand for products that are personalized to the pin. No wonder planning weddings across the country as well as overseas this year has kept us busy in the colourful season of weddings. It is hardly a surprise that with such specific demands from the clientele, planning a wedding today is like offering a dream, offering people an experience that will be cherished forever.

Looking back at when we had started out in the trade of conceiving weddings to the query that came from a businessman based in Delhi to our sales team this morning, a lot has changed in the fraternity of organizing nuptials. Numerous factors may have contributed to it; the impact of globalisation on it cannot be ignored. With Cocoa-Colonisation of the world and the economic boom, we witnessed that cookie-cutter weddings were a passé. Everyone wanted to offer a unique experience to their guests and with the rising disposable income, every bride and groom wanted to make their nuptials an extravaganza.

In the last decade or so, weddings have suddenly become a ‘larger than life’ affair. Preparations are started months in advance and the traditional ‘phoolwalas’ and ‘halwais’ have given to chic international florists and culinary artists flown in from different corners of the world to cater to the platter of one’s discerning family and friends. As nuptials have become the occasion to demonstrate one’s social standing, hiring wedding planners or wedding designers is in vogue. There is nothing unnatural in the fact that the traditional ‘phoolwala’ has been replaced by florists who not only will add the perfect zing to your wedding with their floral decorations but will also get the bride and bridesmaids smiling with intriguing floral jewellery. From theme weddings to destination weddings, be it a sufi night decor or a gala event in the beach of Pataya, marriage ceremonies are suddenly about, well to put it candidly ‘one upmanship’.

Talking about the bricks and mortar of the industry, India has always been a country where commerce follows a trend. If the dotcom boom was the essence of the last millennium than the overcrowding of the supply chain in the wedding industry is the essence of the last decade. Multiple players in the market have triggered the availability of a product that was unheard of in the 1980’s. From invites to entertainment options, it is a choice galore for consumers and stiff competition for wedding planners. The influential youth has obviously showed the red card to the traditional ‘band, bajaa and baraat’, well informed and well travelled, they do not want to the timeless genda flowers in their vedi or a lehnga from the local boutique, for them it’s all about living a dream.. a dream decorated by Swarovski crystals, vintage Chardonnay to welcome to their guests in plush hotels, and an imposing trousseau.

This ongoing wedding season has been phenomenal for my dynamic unsung wedding heroes and we hope to welcome a few more brides and their special ones not with genda phool but with Gladiolas, of course.

There is only one happiness in the life
to love and be loved


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